Thursday, August 27, 2009


Being me, quite stubborn, I managed to sew another 2 tiny tote bags TTB1 & TTB2 since I still have the fabrics. Before I officially pack my sewing machine last nights, I managed to get this done a night before. Last night I just finished the previous orders. Again, herewith I attached the pictures of TTB 1 and TTB 2. Please email or sms me if you're interested. If I'm not at home, my hubby will ship it out. Thanks peeps!

RM 12/pc

SOLD to Ms Azian

SOLD to Ms Azian


Nuha Aisha said...

Salam, i'm the one who ordered these 2 cute totes. but i was on mc since yesterday. so tak leh nak access my email addressed to I still want them. please please book them for me. tq

Ibtisamfarah said...

saya email awak ek

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