Friday, July 30, 2010


Online from office, got some work to do. Hubby went home already to get the kids. I was so busy with 3 days Plaza Sentral Sales Bazaar which I partly incharged..Sorry for not responding to your email. I'll definitely do it sometime nextweek because currently I can't access internet from home temporarily due to delay in streamyx installation. Thank you, have a good weekend peeps!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Friday, July 23, 2010


I've been away for a while to attend my PTK at De Palma, Ampang. Alhamdulillah, it was a smooth course I guess. Just back in the office yesterday. Lot of things need to be caught. Thanks to my lovely hubby for taking care the kids! I had prepared what needs to be prepared. I had cooked some frozen food such as daging masak merah, sambal bilis, sambal kosong, sup kosong for Fahmi and bubur nasi for adik Tasnim. I did the laundry earlier, put the clothes for their nursery nicely in the basket to make sure Papa's morning without Mama would be organized. And he did it very well!! (lenkali mama leh gi outstation lak yer..).

Last but not least, I do miss sewing a lot!! Since last night, I've already started to be on the sewing track back, but I was so frustrated coz my machine was not working well, something went wrong somewhere. Seemed like the machine merajuk. Maybe because I've missed my sewing activities for a couple of days. Or maybe she knew that I'm surveying a new machine!AHh...whatever..

Talking about new machine, I've decided to buy a new machine, partially automated I guess, Brother NV50. Not Bernina, not Janome.Why?why? Because I was thinking to save that one thousand for other more important thing. I've ordered the machine and to try to get it delivered by today!! can't wait!

For those who have placed orders, I'll try to get it done by end of this month because I want to start to sew my kids' raya clothes! Sounds like my new project huh? We'll see..

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I'm letting go some of my designer cotton fabrics. All are imported from US.
Please email me if interested.
RM 37 per yard, RM 19 per half yard.
Minimum purchase is half yard. 1. DEER VALLEY by Joel Dewberry, Meadow Lace in natural-half yard left
2. Santorini by Lila Tueller for Moda, Hibiscus in leaf

3. MONACO by Dena Designs, Stems in fuchsia - SOLD OUT

4. FRIPPERY by Kathy Hall, Large Roses in autumn

5. FRIPPERY by Kathy Hall, Small Rose in autumn

6. Brandon Mably, RINGS in yellow - SOLD OUT

7. WILDWOOD by Erin McMorris, Buttons in olive

8. MONACO by Dena Designs, Narrow Stripe in blue

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


These photos were taken during the last Floria 2010 at Putrajaya. That was our first outing since Papa came back from the State. The kids were so happy and enjoy the moment. Thanks my dear hubby for bringing us there. Opps, Adik Tasnim was wearing her 3 pcs set that Papa bought from the State. If fit her well, except for the sunhat..the anak orang puteh's head is so small or adik's head is so big? ehehe..that means my lil girl is big you all!!

Enjoy the pictures!

You're such a strong Papa time can dokong both again ya! :p

Fahmi was so eager to shake hand & take picture with this don't know what maskot. Well, just noticed, Papa was so excited too..

Adik was so behave, such a good girl..

Taraaa! that's me, Mama Tini with the two kids..

Posing, again..Fahmi was a bit shy in front of camera..see I was controlling adik's hand..she wanted to take off the sunhat..

Us, a happy family..alhamdulillah...

Mama & the lil girl..

See, Fahmi was so excited to ran after the maskot..take picture first lah my dear!


Monday, July 05, 2010


Alhamdulillah, finally I managed to finish this order yesterday and today the company already picked up the items. 200 pcs of tissue holders, with company's label with 4 different fabrics design.It's an achievement for me as a part time crafter! (thinking of full time meh? hoho...not yet).

Some people asked me, how did i get this order. Well, it's easy, we never know who our customer is, in fact they are maybe our biggest customer ever! This person bought a bag from me, recommended to her hr/marketing/corporate department for their bowling tournament. They made a call, at first I rejected because it was too last minute (about one month) plus I have to order the label which would take some time to reach me.

After few calls, somehow I agreed to do the order (plus i got my hubby's permission, in fact i always do's a blessing you know..ehehe). But I did nothing on the first week because I need to wait for the label. Thanks adik Zubaidah for the excellent label. I was too excited when it comes to the label design. I mislooked at the customer email. They wanted it as 'Bowling Competition' but I design it as 'Bowling Tournament' as we (in our office) normally address it as 'tournament' for any bowling event. When I sent the confirmation to my customer, they somehow too excited too I guess, ehehe..they did not realize my mistake..and I directly ordered the label..but after some discussion with them, they agreed with the word 'tournament'. Alhamdulillah, lega..(if not I have to reorder again which would appear more cost and time consuming)..Anyway, alhamdulillah..everything went well..

Yesterday, I was to excited to pack all these. And due to my husband has to extend his work trip in US, so I had to continue travelling by KTM komuter this morning. So, I had an extra large bag to tag with me. Because of this, my way up to the station was slow, (berat maa). I was one minute late, missed the train. Waited the next train, it was delayed. When train delayed, more passengers! Then I had to stand, towards the end of my station then only I could sit. What a relief! Finally, me and my extra large pink bag had safely arrived at the office.

Anyway..To Syika and Ila, thanks for your trust, I could have not done this without your trust. Thanks for putting some mark on my craft experience and I really appreciate it. Last but not least, please enjoy the bowling day!

Enjoy the pictures! (no time to edit, so excited to upload this)

one of the fabric designs..i love this floral print..

This one matched the label nicely

I love this piling up part!

I packed it to 25 pcs for each pack.

Ready to be packed and picked up!

Thursday, July 01, 2010


Salam All, I just browsed Pos Malaysia's website on the new rates, OMG..the domestic parcel which used to be RM2.50 the cheapest and now is RM7?? saya salah tengok?pls, anyone?
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