Tuesday, May 13, 2014


I really thanked to those who always update sharing their stories in their website, blog, etc. Coz I am sure that I am not the only one who love to google to get info, i mean direct info and experience as a bonus, more pictures could have make it a complete.

If the weather is cold, we always choose indoor playground or indoor activity.This is one of them. We visited a Children Museum in Seoul, I guess they have a few this type of so called museum. But this one is  more on technology thingy and developing the children brain and teachimg some moral values, etc, for example driving a spaceship, be a fashion show model throughout the world, being a blind by using a stick, being a handicapped person on the wheelchair etc.

The kids were enjoying it, if I could recall it was just krw4,000 entrance fee per person and baby is free. We would love to consider coming here again next winter..in shaa Allah..


If you come to Itaewon, you will find a few small kiosks selling Turkish Ice cream. Took this picture last winter around jan-feb, 2 hours later there was snow falling down white from the sky, SubhanaAllah. Opps, for any season if you were here, don't forget to try this ok, and watch for their tricks but do not give up  for the ice cream.

Friday, May 09, 2014


Today I really miss nasi ayam penyet somehow. This picture was taken when I made this nasi when we first arrived here about two months. I cannot make it today coz still not well (coughing, flu and fever) so try to avoid spicy food (well this sambal should be hot and spicy, baru best).

In Malaysia I went to two restaurants having nasi ayam penyet and one of it was my regular visit after then. Satu lagi tu sangat x best especially the soup was like putting ajinomoto in a water only  which failed to impress us and my 6 yrs old son in fact was asking me; "mama, sup ape ni?".

 Even a simple nasi ayam penyet, every serving has to be completely cooked with love, not 'ala kadar' to have a perfect meal.

p/s: among all i love the sambal, the longest time cooked but worth.

Monday, May 05, 2014


By the time I  was quite bored with our typical nasi goreng here in Seoul, I tried to google some other country nasigoreng (dont be surprised when you see 'nasigoreng' that's how they spell, in Korean restaurant. They have been grown up to have our menu name in their menu list.haha.. We ordered once and it was nasigoreng seafood. It taste so sweet and sticky (of course because they used their sticky rice, can you imagine?) Since then we never ate that anymore.

 Back to my kimchi fried rice story. I tried using Thai rice and and some letfover kimchi in the fridge. It tasted really delicious and has its own identity and a bit different with out normal nasi goreng. My husband like it and looking forward for more! Alhamdulillah, takdela boring sangat kan..hehe..


When we first arrive in Korea, this had given me headache. Well, a little bit. We got used to have only one trash bin at the sink with whatever plastic bag and two boxes for plastic bottles and can recycle activities back home. But here, we MUST use this plastics bags for the trash.Yellow is for food waste and white for general waste. We still carry our recycle habit but have to extend to paper and whatever plastics waste, not only plastic bottles.

Oh ya, why did I say we pay for the trash disposal? Well, not directly pay but we have to buy these two plastics from local stores, I repeat, LOCAL stores because different district/town/whatever their classification is, has different plastics colors. If we convert to RM, this 3 liter yellow bag w ill cost around KRW360, about RM1..and more for the white bag.

Well, anyway, we got used to it now and hopefully we will still follow this rule when we back in Malaysia later, in shaa Allah..

Friday, May 02, 2014


For those who plans to travel to korea during winter, please get the winter boots from this Shoes Market in Dongdaemun. A lot of choices and cheap. For example, Daniels boots, the yellow one costs you about KRW5000 around RM15 je! Last for the whole winter ok, lasak and of course snow friendly. Hopefully he can fit for the next winter!


Another the most wanted bread in the house! Ala ala hotdogs roll gitu..Fahmi's favourite. Sometimes he wanted this to be in his lunch box.


This is our weekly activy, homemade bread for a week supply. Mujur ada breadmaker bawak dr mesia..haha..Tasnim si tengah loves to help me with this breadmaking. Husband loves to bring this to the office for his breakfast.

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