Monday, May 05, 2014


By the time I  was quite bored with our typical nasi goreng here in Seoul, I tried to google some other country nasigoreng (dont be surprised when you see 'nasigoreng' that's how they spell, in Korean restaurant. They have been grown up to have our menu name in their menu list.haha.. We ordered once and it was nasigoreng seafood. It taste so sweet and sticky (of course because they used their sticky rice, can you imagine?) Since then we never ate that anymore.

 Back to my kimchi fried rice story. I tried using Thai rice and and some letfover kimchi in the fridge. It tasted really delicious and has its own identity and a bit different with out normal nasi goreng. My husband like it and looking forward for more! Alhamdulillah, takdela boring sangat kan..hehe..


Suzie said...

Kimchi buat sendiri ke beli

TiniCraft Ibtisamfarah said...

akak yg ni kimchi org kasi..buat sendiri pernah tp rasa x umph sgt sbb guna cili serbuk mesia..kena guna cili korea baru best tp sbb malas nak membazir yg ada tu..hehe

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