Monday, May 05, 2014


When we first arrive in Korea, this had given me headache. Well, a little bit. We got used to have only one trash bin at the sink with whatever plastic bag and two boxes for plastic bottles and can recycle activities back home. But here, we MUST use this plastics bags for the trash.Yellow is for food waste and white for general waste. We still carry our recycle habit but have to extend to paper and whatever plastics waste, not only plastic bottles.

Oh ya, why did I say we pay for the trash disposal? Well, not directly pay but we have to buy these two plastics from local stores, I repeat, LOCAL stores because different district/town/whatever their classification is, has different plastics colors. If we convert to RM, this 3 liter yellow bag w ill cost around KRW360, about RM1..and more for the white bag.

Well, anyway, we got used to it now and hopefully we will still follow this rule when we back in Malaysia later, in shaa Allah..

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