Saturday, January 04, 2014


I think I never posted about this visit before. Yup, we visited Korea War Museum nearby and the kids were excited not because of the army thingy but about the snow! Well, they have had experiencing the snow quite a few times already since we arrived here but I never let them to play with it. But here, seems they were quite boring other than the giant aeroplanes, I let them played with the snow. Enjoy the pictures!


Two weeks ago, Fahmi requested for a burger as he saw one when they were following me to the bank in Itaewon. But being a pure muslim boy in shaa Allah, he always adding a few more words after his request as follow:-

"mama, i want to eat burger..ini tak halal kan? 

Alhamdulillah he is now starting to learn about halal food.

And my answer will always be like this:

 "No sayang /No abang..nanti mama cook for you at home"

Well, that is kind of a lock promise and he will keep asking me at home until i made it.

So, we did it together including Tasnim. They seemed to enjoy this moment, making the patties and finally eat the burger. But due to limited resources that we have (at that time our container had not arrived yet) so I just used readymade bread for the burger. We got no mayonaise only some blackpepper and ketchup. Alhamdulillah they were so happy.

Because of this, I ordered online for a food processor as they also requested for nuggets and sausage. Wish me luck with all this and hopefully we all can do the same for our kids to make sure the get the best food and made with love. Amiin..


My first attempt making one of the korean popular snacks, Gyeranbang (egg cake). Alhamdulillah it turned out not that bad. Actually we went to Myeongdong before and we saw a lot of korean snacks sold along the road. My kids keep asking whether we can eat that, eat this until we finally saw gyeranbang. Somebody told us before that we can eat that if it is only flour and egg base. So we bought one and it cost about RM6.50 per pc.Three kids, we bought three..pheww..mahal jugaklah. They have a special pan so that they can 'terbalikkan dan kepit' the one whole egg in the middle. Eating something warm in the winter time is so tempting.

So, came back home i did some search from google and found the recipe. It was so damn simple and I finally did it. Since I dont have that special pan, I just use normal muffin pan (i will definitely get one) and instead of using one whole egg for one cake, i use for three cakes (kedekut kan?bukanlah, berjimat sambil kurangkan kolestrol, ;p).

The whole kitchen smells good and the kids were so excited and in fact Fahmi requested it two days in a row. So, settled one thing and I definitely make this before going out next time to make sure the kids do not go hungry of korean snacks anymore.

Behind this, I see a big 'hikmah'. We can save and the most important thing is the kids only eat everything homemade and in shaa Allah halaalan toyyiban. This also make me realize one thing, I remembered my Ustaz told me long time ago, if we were to buy an outside food, please make sure the seller and the cook are covering their aurat so that the food is halaalan  toyyiban. This make sense but I dont really take this into account before. Yup, sometimes we did not open ourselves for a choice to choose..pakai tudung tp baju lengan pendek, takpun tudung pulak ikat belakang nampak leher..well thats not covering aurat. but we see that kind of sellers everywhere in Malaysia.

Syukur alhamdulillah I can see it now and hopefully I will be istiqomah in this matter and make sure only halaalan toyyiban foods go into my kids' body, in shaa Allah..

Thursday, December 19, 2013


Yes, after our visit to the hospital, we went to eat and had Solat Zuhur. After then we headed to Namdaemun market. Yes, it was our second time and every time we came here is for the purpose of getting our needs, not because of for the sake of 'jalan-jalan'. Well, bringing three kids to this busy place, there must be something you want to get.

We haven't received our goods from the container yet, but we will be having some guests to sleepover at our place in a week time. The goods might arrive before or might not. So, we decided to buy some extra pillows, blanket and comforter. Yup, we have everything in the container but still we gonna buy this anyway, just extra pcs for future guests.

Other than the bedding set, I bought my thermal legging (waaayyyy cheaper than we bought in Malaysia). Last time we got RM 45 in Malaysia and here pretty much the same quality for RM48 for 2 pcs, good deal right? Honestly this 2nd time in this market we knew the way to shop already. We knew how to bargain and get a way cheaper price. Here, we would find different kind of sellers, they could be really mean that you would never imagine they could turn that way if we do not agree with their price.they could just throw a calculator in front of you! and some are different, maybe because we bought their this lady in this picture, we bought all the beddings here and she offered to bring my stroller down to the ground floor using the stairs! meanwhile we use their small and narrow escalator with the goods and the kids..what an impressive lady! definitely will come again to her shop..and alright, enjoy some pictures..not that much due to full of hand and stroller..

Monday, December 16, 2013


Forgot to publish this entry..these two pictures were captured last brother sent me the first picture of flood in my hometown.not that seriously affected but still the water level was scary man..

Meanwhile I sent to my brother this picture..not-a-to-worry-picture, but still a new experience for hubby and the for me, i experienced it long time ago when i was in US. Pity hubby, he has to go thru this weather every early morning to ride on a bus to morning temperature between -9 tp -14c...grrrrrr...

Sunday, December 15, 2013


This was the view of yesterday's morning from our quiet balcony

This was the day before and same as below

Well, I came know that this time the snow came  quite often this time..but eventhough the temperature was -14c, we still go out for the kids hospital's was for the first time we went there. From our current house we have to walk about 7-10 minutes to take taxi just as good as walking up to the hospital so we decided to walk and enjoy the snow.

Both had to measure their height and weight. As Hanaa was sleeping, I just told them her weight. We came for two purposes:-
1.Tasnim and Fahmi complaint that they had a little pain in their ears..and the doctor said that was because of the hard earwax in the ears. He managed to take it out.alhamdulillah. what a bad mom, never take the kids to ENT doctor..the kids never had any pain before (what an excuse!) Well, lesson learnt!

The three of them also had their first flu injection yesterday and another one will be after one month.after settled the hospital matters, we went to eat at one of the famous pakistan restaurants in itaewon, Usmania..
We then went somewhere to be continue...

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Yeah, that's right. This was our first korean meal. Saje je nak try. All in all everything was ok, can be eaten eventhough it did not taste as good as our tomyam..hehe.. (hey I cooked tomyam every week back in Malaysia). The kids could simply enjoy the sticky korean rice, opss maybe they were too hungry..hehe..met another malays from Singapore eating in this restaurant.An authentic Korean Muslim Food Restaurant. But it was operated by some Pakistanis I guess but the cook was a Korean woman.

Ok let me breakdown the food, from left:-

- beansprout (taugeh) a big type. I guess it was steamed and mixed with chili powder. We did not taste any salt or plain, blh la telan sbb da byr..hehe..sihat tu..

- i am not sure what was it exactly but the taste is more or less mcm ubi keladi gitu..for me sedap, a bit rasa manis maybe because of the ubi itself. also steamed.

-kimchi Sour and hot

-tatau name ape..rasa mcm fishcake, but thin layered though..

 seaweed - i'm not sure how it was processed but it taste good ada masin2 sket..

- bulgogi - grilled marinated beef mix with carrots..sedap manis2 masin

- Tgh tu hot soup with seafood and tofu and vegetables.xrasa masin xrasa manis..

- korean sticky rice..

Monday, December 09, 2013


Some entries i did it thru laptop, some thru please omit for any formatting here and there..ok sambung citer.last week i promised to the kids if they behave and the sun comes out, i can bring them out. Finally the sun did on was a sunny day with 5 degree celcius. My husband was quite worry if they could not behave on the street. And for the sake of the kids I assured him that they would and they actually did!

We just had a nice friday walk after zuhur around 2 oclock. We met a lot of malaysians on the itaewon street which is known as the foreigners' nest as they have a lot of foreign shops and food supplies. We went to one of the muslim foreign shops to buy milk and cereal. Our walk went well as Hanaa fell asleep after three minutes sat in the stroller and slept well until we got home.

Saturday, December 07, 2013


Eventhough we just arrived here about two weeks plus, I've seen a few positive changes. The kids eat a lot! Yes, maybe it is because of the Winter but still..especially Tasnim my second child. She used to eat only biscuits, cakes and keropok type of food. She did not like rice but here she eats rice 2-3 days everyday. She is the who requested for it. Fahmi and my lil daughter Hanaa as usual eat a lot.

Maybe for other moms, this is very usual situation and does not mean that much, but for me as a fulltime housewife nothing-to-do-but-cooking (fyi my sewing machine has not arrived yet), it gives me a very heart-full satisfaction watching the kids eating. Being in a foreign country we do not really have a choice but cooking. I know we can easily get halal food in Itaewon but the price is so high, 3 to 4 times with Malaysian food. Beriyani RM53 for one plate..pheww..and we are a family of 5..

Another thing as for me, I never ever like a fresh milk, powder milk except chocolate milk but here, I tried to drink this Seoul milk, everyone is suggesting this milk. It tastes so yummy milky..sedap sangat! I admit that the price is a bit high as compared to Emart fresh milk which also tastes good.

Alhamdulillah ala kullihal, hopefully more and more good changes will come. Till then, take care.

Wednesday, December 04, 2013


After a few days arrived here, we went to Namdaemun market to buy some necessary items   such as thermal clothes,socks..i dont know what namdaemun is equivalent to in malaysia..petaling street i guess (i've never been there though).

My first impression is the clothes are more or less the same price in malaysia or lesser. For example thermal socks..i bought in malaysia for rm6.50 and here we got rm5 with better quality.

This one hubby got few pcs with krw1000 per pc..rm3 duit cheap right?

I have this for krw5000..rm15..good quality and warm too

Syok pilih...satu je..

So for those who wants to shop clothes berbaloi sgt blm gi dangdaemun lg syurga fabrics and crafts..

Tuesday, December 03, 2013


After moving into a temporary house after 6 very days at the hotel, we went to make our very first groceries shopping at Emart, the most visited shopping centre by Malaysians in Seoul. More or less like Parkson in Malaysia. I love the vegetables..very fresh and crunchy. One thing that is very important, I cannot convert everything to RM otherwise I will end up with nothing. Everything is most likely 2 to 4 times of our stuffs in Malaysia. For this time we just shop simple foods stuffs as we still do not have a complete kitchen stuffs.

got ali cafe ma....hehe


I know that I havenot updated my blog for so fact i received msg asking why i did not update anything. anyway, here some big updates from me. Last 21st November we departed to Korea and arrived in the morning 22nd Nov. It was totally upside down when we got a notice to depart earlier than the first date which was supposed to be on 26th November. The packers came to the house, packed about 170 boxes on the 18th and we had a few days to clean the house. Thanks to my family and my in laws family for cleaning the house as were renting out the house. So, thinking of the container might arrive late to Seoul, we prepared our food (mostly ready to eat) for a month stock. Ok, more stories will come up over time, so enjoy the KLIA pictures first.

Our complete watermelon!

This is our lovely helpful neighbour on our left side of the house

This is another helpful neighbour who is always be there for me

My son and daughter were so excited boarding on a long plane journey

We were quite nervous of the excess baggage. We got business class ticket and yet the baggage weight still exceeded and we have to pay around RM480 after adjusting here and there from RM760.phewww..

These are my lovely in laws came all the way from Terengganu

My mom and brothers were there. My dad came earlier helped me on the packing day and he went back earlier to be in the house at kampung as my mom would come here.

Ok, till the next updates. thanks everyone!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

2nd batch english cotton for craft clearance

Normal price rm65 per 4 mtr
Clearance : choose any 4 mtr for only RM55 (without postage)
Email me at

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Clearance price RM11 PER MTR without postage

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Friday, September 06, 2013

Plain heavy cotton

Normal price rm15-16
Clearance price RM13/mtr
Email me at

SOLD OUT except:-
Yellow A 1 mtr left
Blue 2 mtrs left

Episod merantau akhirnya tiba juga..

Dulu masa 4 thn kat US saya merantau sorang, bulan november nanti in shaa Allah berlima.taksangka sy akan merantau lg.we knew the news early this week but i just didn't have the courage to write.still terkejut apabila hubby dpt surat posting ke Korea.3 tahun.mungkin tak lama bg sesetengah orang tapi cukup lama bg saya sebab kami pergi berlima.too many things to do.dannkat sana sy diberitahu agak susah jugak nk dptkan stok bhn masakan kita mcm serai,lengkuas susu pekat susu cair dsb.

Makanan direstoran halal agak mahal..pakaian , pampers, susu pun mahal.alhamdulillah depa provide kontena nanti so kami akan sumbatla ape yg, sy ada masa dua bulan lebih lg, too many things to do.

Walaubagaimana pun sungguh cantik susunan Allah.kami dpt peluang ni saat sy da benti keje utk jaga anak saya in shaa Allah physically and mentally prepared. Cuma buat masa ni sy taktahu mane nak mula..pegang itu nampak ini..semua nak buat.last skali sy pilih utk buat spring cleaning dulu..ape yg nak dispose yg mmg xguna pun sblm ni, itu yg sy get rid off dulu.kalau kawan2 ada tips, blh share.

Doakan kami semoga segalanya dipermudahkan.


Monday, September 02, 2013

Need advice utk mesin jahit tepi

Assalamualaykum..really need help from my crafters friends..i really need to buy mesin jahit tepi ni sbb da x sanggup nak ulang alik gi tunggu kedai jahit nak jahit tepi.seriously membazir masa dan tenaga.hehe..boleh tak korang suggest mesin ape yg ok, yg korang pnh guna masih lg fulltime housewife and part time kali ini sy kena ada extra effort sbb menjahit ni juga menjadi income utk sy sejak benti keje.

Starting from today, sy akn buat tabung mesin jahit tepi utk encourage sy menjahit.en suami blh je nakbelikan atau sy pun ada simpanan tp maybe semua tu nkguna utk kecemasan main point sy kat sini sy nakbeli mesin jahit tepi, tp at the same time nak kena ada push factor utk sy ada extra effort nk menjahit. So mohon kawan2 advice mesin yg ok dan pun survey2 jugak ni..tq semua..

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Saya telah menghadiri sebuah kursus keibubapaan bersama suami pada sabtu lepas.kursus ini adalah utk para ibubapa bakal pelajar kemasukan thn satu sek alamin bangi. Saya dan ibubapa lain juga mengakui bahawa agak sukar utk memasukkan anak ke sekolah berkenaan. Anak-anak perlu mengambil ujian lisan dan bertulis, ibubapa perlu hadir sesi temuduga dan juga kursus ini.Ya, ibu dan bapa.jika hanya salah seorang yg tidak hadir tanpa alasan yang kukuh, markah akn dipotong.Saya tabik sekolah sebegini, bukan sahaja anak anak perlu ditapis tetapi juga ibubapa. Secara xlangsung bukan shj mendidik anak tetapi mendidik ibubapa bg menghasilkan produk insan rabbani yg berkualiti.

Berbalik kepada kursus tersebut, saya rasa ianya amat bagus.penceramah yg hebat hebat semuanya.di antara isu yg ditekankan adalah :-

- pendidikan anak2 dirumah adalah sgt penting.apa yg berlaku pada hari itu adalah pelajaran pada hari tersebut.

-kawal emosi muda kita, darah muda..anak anak akan 'copy' & 'paste' dari kita bila mereka dewasa kelak.ibu adalah 'benchmark' yg akn dilihat oleh seorg anak perempuan dan begitu juga dengan anak lelaki, bapalah yg akan dilihatnya.

-apabila kita tinggalkan harta, lama lama harta akan habis, manusia ramai bergaduh sebab harta.tinggalkan lah anak kita dengan ilmu dan agama yg mencukupi sbb amat berguna pd masa depan anak anak.

Banyak lg yg dikongsikan bersama termasukkan bersama dgn pakar psikologi.bagaimana cara untuk menangani masalah anak anak yg suka menipu, mencuri, malas solat dan sebagainya.

Really looking forward to join this kind of seminar in near future.

Harta harta saya...Alhamdulillah..

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