Friday, April 10, 2015


One of the activities for my lil hanaa at home was making bread together. I know that some people already taught their kids to read as early as 3 but I don't do to Hanaa yet. I just did a simple abc reading or recognizing some words from pictures and scribble. Well different people have their own techniques to teach the kids. She is going to turn 3 on May but I always bear in mind that she is still a kid. Eventhough she did not go to playschool/kindergarten at her early age but she could speak very well, including making a complete sentence.Sometimes she may sound a lil bit cartoon dialogue kind of as she got it from tv, but I am really proud of her coz she knows how and when to use it. Wait, did I say tv?yes. Again, some people never introduced tv to their kids which I feel so amazed how they could do that. But for me, I do let them watch with me or without my direct presence but still monitoring the program and the remote. They picked up a lot of English  from tv and new words came from there to. And as a Mom, I would always ask them, what did they say, why did she say, what does it mean etc and make a lot of interaction while watching. And because of that both Daniel and Damia would always ask me the same then from that they learnt. Indirectly Hanaa would only pickup what ever 'summarized' by her brother and sister. Some of the sentence which I could hear from Hanaa at the first time but could shock me enough :-
- Mom, can we do gardening roses?
-Mom, I don't want to go outside, so cold, I want to stay home. (a long one)
- I like Violet color,  like rainbow (she totally picked up violet color from Ipad she really knew how violet looks like)
She also knew to use some grammar (some may have grammatical errors) by a lot of listening and practicing. For examples:-
- I don't like to eat. I'm tired eating!
-Mom, the bus moving. (she said as soon as the bus started to move)
-Mom, nobody watching tv now.
-Abang, mom said no fighting
-Mom, I don't  mad at you, you are my best friend!
Last but not least, a few Malay words that she knew:-
Abang, Kakak, Solat, Wuduk, Kepot (keropok ikan ganu), dokong (now rarely said this).
Anyway, I wanted to show my bread assistant  but somehow dragging to some other story I guess.hehe. well, enjoy our weekly activity, making homemade bread!!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Last winter, early January 2015. Our first ski resort trip. Cold, happy and fun! 
Ommo,  besarnya mama...nasib baik blh bernafas je masa tu..haha..
Daniel was having fun in cold.
Damia, freezingggggg...
Papa was with Damia before she decided to go on her own.
Eh, passenger changed? Hanaa insisted to try and she was so cool at it.
Spotted Daniel in the blue! 
These 3 pictures were snapped from the car on our way to the resort. the road was so steep.huhu

Friday, March 27, 2015


 I was so busy sewing, that's why no new updates for a few weeks. I know that I always busy eventhough staying at home. But I do spend time with Hanaa, my lil daughter a.k.a my best friend (as Hanaa always says; you're my best friend mom!). One of the most frequent activities that we do at home is, Tea Party!!! I made the picnic mat for her for this purpose, ok? so that she knew that I would definitely sew something for her.hehe.
Another 'guests' involved. hehe, definitely gonna miss this moment..

Monday, March 16, 2015


 I actually did not want to make this entry because if I try to remember the event, I feel so sad and heartbroken for the kids. They both were having a winter concert at school and they were looking forward for us to see them performing.
But, too bad at that time, my husband had to outstation to Busan and my lil daughter Hanaa was having a high fever. The concert was at night so I could not go. But since they had been practicing hard, the school insisted to take care of them. Instead of coming home and going with parents later in the afternoon, the school let them stay back until the concert finished. So they need to bring the concert clothes in the morning.
Talking about the clothes, the teacher requested them to be in white shirt/blouse and black pants/skirt. Daniel had it since before but Damia, I did order from online shopping site. After a few days, they called saying that none of those are available. Since Hanaa was not well and I could not go out for shopping, I just decided to sew for her the blouse and the skirt.
She was so happy when trying out those two and imagining how pretty she would be during the concert. These two pictures was taken at home, a day before the concert.
But during the concert, all the girls had to tie their hair. And her hair a bit awful, because she was at the school from the morning. This was after the concert, they were eating cookies and chocolates. Credit to my friend for the pictures and a few videos. She was there for her daughter, Anis, Daniel's classmate.
Before the concert started. Spotted Damia in the middle. 
 Daniel was a bit upset without my presence there.
Aigoo..what Damia and her classmate were doing..something has dropped maybe?hehe.
The close-up shot for my handmade blouse and skirt. I love this material, I had it sometime ago from Gwanjang market as well as the lining. 

Sunday, March 15, 2015


If you happen to be in Dongdaemun, don't miss their street food especially during this cold day. We love these two, Gyeranbang and fish cake. Both are perfect in winter!

 This is Dongdaemun Grilled fish restaurant, a must visit place after your shopping day around here. You can eat both grilled fish and spicy squid.

Friday, March 13, 2015


We had a Chinese new year celebration at the embassy, not really celebration but just get together among Malaysians and the most important part was usual, I would just bring cake and of course it was a red velvet cake. I accidently made the topping a bit light so I could not make the roses as usual..hehe. but the cake still gone before you knew it. I should have brought two cakes. haha..

Thursday, March 12, 2015


I have to thank to my husband's cousin haha, because of her little family came to Korea we brought them here. My husband went there a few times already bringing some friends before. We just did not have a good timing to go, to many things need to be done when my husband was on leave. So I arrived here finally after one year living in Korea. ;)
This time we went there on Saturday, just after Daniel's school field trip here a day before. So, he became the tourist guide again, amazingly told us about King Sejong. I believed that he got the story from his teacher.
Eventhough it was a bit windy and cold that day (early autum, end November) but we still went there to catch our precious time with my husband's cousins.
They have this show at 10 am sharp everyday except on Tuesday (close).It was a guards changing session ceremony. It was a great show with some loud musics, we felt like in the Korean old film.haha

Met my Korean twin, haha. happened to meet this Korean teenager who could speak English very well.

As usual, hard to take a nice pic together.
Look at Damia!

 Ahh, they did not feel tired standing like a warrior guarding the palace.hehe.

The cousin and her son. We were on the train, heading to our lunch in Dongdaemun.

Near to the Gwanhamun train station, the King Sejong.

Lunch at Dongdaemun
The menu of the day, sotong sambal and ikan bakar.

This pic was sent by the cousin..still cannot get a nice pic, phewww..

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