Friday, April 10, 2015


One of the activities for my lil hanaa at home was making bread together. I know that some people already taught their kids to read as early as 3 but I don't do to Hanaa yet. I just did a simple abc reading or recognizing some words from pictures and scribble. Well different people have their own techniques to teach the kids. She is going to turn 3 on May but I always bear in mind that she is still a kid. Eventhough she did not go to playschool/kindergarten at her early age but she could speak very well, including making a complete sentence.Sometimes she may sound a lil bit cartoon dialogue kind of as she got it from tv, but I am really proud of her coz she knows how and when to use it. Wait, did I say tv?yes. Again, some people never introduced tv to their kids which I feel so amazed how they could do that. But for me, I do let them watch with me or without my direct presence but still monitoring the program and the remote. They picked up a lot of English  from tv and new words came from there to. And as a Mom, I would always ask them, what did they say, why did she say, what does it mean etc and make a lot of interaction while watching. And because of that both Daniel and Damia would always ask me the same then from that they learnt. Indirectly Hanaa would only pickup what ever 'summarized' by her brother and sister. Some of the sentence which I could hear from Hanaa at the first time but could shock me enough :-
- Mom, can we do gardening roses?
-Mom, I don't want to go outside, so cold, I want to stay home. (a long one)
- I like Violet color,  like rainbow (she totally picked up violet color from Ipad she really knew how violet looks like)
She also knew to use some grammar (some may have grammatical errors) by a lot of listening and practicing. For examples:-
- I don't like to eat. I'm tired eating!
-Mom, the bus moving. (she said as soon as the bus started to move)
-Mom, nobody watching tv now.
-Abang, mom said no fighting
-Mom, I don't  mad at you, you are my best friend!
Last but not least, a few Malay words that she knew:-
Abang, Kakak, Solat, Wuduk, Kepot (keropok ikan ganu), dokong (now rarely said this).
Anyway, I wanted to show my bread assistant  but somehow dragging to some other story I guess.hehe. well, enjoy our weekly activity, making homemade bread!!

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NoEn said...

maasyaAllah...bestnya baca cerita tini kat korea...lama betul tak singgah sini

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