Tuesday, May 26, 2009


My sister and my brother are coming to my house in early June..so I plan to sew some more stuffs to be given to my mom and achik..and some other things to..insyaAllah, I hope I manage to finish it by this week..here are the list:-

1. Hp cases angah+achik+me
2. Tote bag for my mom & my mother in law
3. Coin pouch for my mom & my mother in law
4.Sarung tilam for baby
5.Nursery bag for baby
6.Another set of pillow cases for baby
7.Diaper's changing pad

Waa..macam banyak la plak outstanding checklist yg nak buat..terpaksa pujuk hubby lagi ni nak tambah lagi seminggu utk menjahit..huhu~~

Monday, May 25, 2009


Since Angah will be starting new semester, I'm giving one of these bags to her..another one is for achik..suitable to put telekung solat..hope they both like it..I'm still improving my sewing skill..


Alhamdulillah..satu set tempahan barut baby utk shieda da siap..hope she'll like it..i like the pink ribbon though..ehehe..

Friday, May 22, 2009


Yesterday went to KL Convention Centre to have a look at the seminar's location that will be held during the WCC this coming June. Ya Allah, I was so exhausted. Sakit seluruh badan.. Until today, still can feel the tiredness. The place is so far from the LRT station. Well, kena sabar lah..

Anyway, this weekend is gonna be a busy weekend, again, for me. I got some orders for barut baby. But I sell below the market price. It's just only RM3 per piece without shipping cost. I made surveys, most of the price is RM 5-6 per piece. I got the idea to sell when some friends told me, nowadays its very hard to get barut baby..yang ada pun yg lekat2 tu.. which is not so practicle.


Tuesday, May 19, 2009


as a beginner..this is totally great for me..but a lot more to improve...fun!


Alhamdulillah, managed to sew this for my baby..


one set of pillows for my new baby...


I managed to sew this..i saw a pic from internet. Sewing a tissue holder was so fun and easy! I made it one for me and 4 for my sisters in law..I'll sew some more for my own sisters when they come to my house later...:)

the front side of the tissue holders

The back side..

The inner side..
a lil cute tissue holder for myself

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Alhamdulillah...finally..here is the outcome of my very first simple kimono for my son. I got this tutorial from this website..click here. Thanks to the owner..Very nice & easy to follow tutorial. Fahmi was so excited wearing it.. Eventhough he doesn't look like Japanese at all.. I'll try to sew the pants to match without tutorial. I'll try..


Alhamdulillah, my husband was so kind enough..he brought me & helped me to choose these fabric! I was so excited at that time, made me very tough to make decision.Owh, I just love these fabrics eventhough they are not that dazzling enough as Japanese or American cotton, but these are good enough for me as an early bird. Good enough for me to learn sewing! So, here you go..

Tuesday, May 12, 2009



Too busy lately..preparing for World Chamber Congress 2009 on 3rd of June 2009. Too bad I cannot go back to my husband's hometown. My sis in law is getting married during this coming school holiday. I feel so guilty but I cannot do anything. Oh well, these days have a lot of visits from Middle East, so need to take care of that.

Being a working mom is not simple. Been thru it. So much challenges. Plus, now I'm pregnant for our second baby. Alhamdulillah I'm much stronger this time compared to my first son. Maybe because of the spirit of my innerself. Alhamdulillah. Thanks to hubby for always being there to help me especially with the housechores and take care of Fahmi.

Lately, I love to sew and cook. Don't know why, but I guess Khushartini is back! I really miss those days, do some sewing projects with my mom..Now, almost forgot everything. But it's not easy to get back on the road. Jahit sekejap da letih..ehe..perut dah buyung daa..

Deep in my heart, I will be strong and even stronger..sikit2 lama jadi bukit..chaiyokk!

Thursday, May 07, 2009


Alhamdulillah, managed to squeez my time to go for baby's checkup today. I'm so happy when doctor said that the baby is healthy with the right weight..Alhamdulillah..and once again the doctor said it's gonna be a baby girl..wallahua'lam..I don't mind..as long as the baby is healthy!

I can't wait this weekend to get some more fabric to sew the baby's quilt, pillow cases and what not..yet to think of the color..ehehe..

I've ordered some various colors of felt from lilstitchy, hope to get my order as soon as possible since I can't wait to try out some felt crafts..so excited!!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Alhamdulillah, I've started to do my sewing project. Not that great though coz I'm not a good sewer, but at least alhamdulillah I can sew. Last weekend I sewed Fahmi's night pants. Did not get a chance to take picture of it (tgh jemur actually). Also, I sewed some 'bedung' for my new upcoming baby. But last night I managed to sew a pillow case for him to replace his garfield pillow case sewed by his grandma.When I first showed to him, he was extremely excited with his new purple pillow with rabbits. My husband was so surprised, he never knew that I can really sew! So, apparently last night Fahmi and my husband were both surprised!Well, here you go...but definitely, I have to learn more..I can't wait to learn to make baby quilt.

Fabrics collection as for now, definitely will get more & more..

At the back of the pillow case...

Front view..

3 bedung for baby..so warm & comfortable..



Sebenarnya da lama sangat2 tak jenguk blog ni..tapi since nak wat comeback ni, nak buat kat sini lah sbb malas nak usik blog lama yg lagi satu tu..lagipun sayang nak tukar template tu sbb da bnyk ubah..yg ni blh tukar2 je..ehehe..for my own satisfaction pun anyway..ehehe..
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