Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Alhamdulillah, I've started to do my sewing project. Not that great though coz I'm not a good sewer, but at least alhamdulillah I can sew. Last weekend I sewed Fahmi's night pants. Did not get a chance to take picture of it (tgh jemur actually). Also, I sewed some 'bedung' for my new upcoming baby. But last night I managed to sew a pillow case for him to replace his garfield pillow case sewed by his grandma.When I first showed to him, he was extremely excited with his new purple pillow with rabbits. My husband was so surprised, he never knew that I can really sew! So, apparently last night Fahmi and my husband were both surprised!Well, here you go...but definitely, I have to learn more..I can't wait to learn to make baby quilt.

Fabrics collection as for now, definitely will get more & more..

At the back of the pillow case...

Front view..

3 bedung for baby..so warm & comfortable..

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