Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Too busy lately..preparing for World Chamber Congress 2009 on 3rd of June 2009. Too bad I cannot go back to my husband's hometown. My sis in law is getting married during this coming school holiday. I feel so guilty but I cannot do anything. Oh well, these days have a lot of visits from Middle East, so need to take care of that.

Being a working mom is not simple. Been thru it. So much challenges. Plus, now I'm pregnant for our second baby. Alhamdulillah I'm much stronger this time compared to my first son. Maybe because of the spirit of my innerself. Alhamdulillah. Thanks to hubby for always being there to help me especially with the housechores and take care of Fahmi.

Lately, I love to sew and cook. Don't know why, but I guess Khushartini is back! I really miss those days, do some sewing projects with my mom..Now, almost forgot everything. But it's not easy to get back on the road. Jahit sekejap da letih..ehe..perut dah buyung daa..

Deep in my heart, I will be strong and even stronger..sikit2 lama jadi bukit..chaiyokk!

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