Tuesday, May 26, 2009


My sister and my brother are coming to my house in early June..so I plan to sew some more stuffs to be given to my mom and achik..and some other things to..insyaAllah, I hope I manage to finish it by this week..here are the list:-

1. Hp cases angah+achik+me
2. Tote bag for my mom & my mother in law
3. Coin pouch for my mom & my mother in law
4.Sarung tilam for baby
5.Nursery bag for baby
6.Another set of pillow cases for baby
7.Diaper's changing pad

Waa..macam banyak la plak outstanding checklist yg nak buat..terpaksa pujuk hubby lagi ni nak tambah lagi seminggu utk menjahit..huhu~~


Nanie & Muhamad said...

Salam tini...wah2...cam wish list laa plak...Baby baru nnt perempuan ekk?..

ibtisamfarah said...

tu la pasal..mengidam la katakan..haha..baby nanti tak sure lagi..tapi dua kali scan doktor kata girl..ehehe

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