Saturday, January 31, 2015


Last Spring was so beautiful. The most favourite season for me. I do love autumn but since I dont like being cold, I love spring the best. These picture were taken when we went to Yongsan family park in Yongsan-gu not so far from our house. I still remember that time was spring break and my friend kak Lanee, a Malaysian married with Finnish man who live nearby our house brought me and the kids there.

I miss the cherry blossoms that were blooming for only two weeks. The whole park looks white and smell so fresh of flowers here and there.

Friday, January 30, 2015


It was Children Day that day but Daniel's school did not have day off as they are having their own celebration on a separate day. At that time Damia has not registered for schooling yet so we all went out for a walk as my husband was on public holiday off. So wewent to the newly opened centre in Dongdaemun. 

The building is very unique and one of its kind.

For those who is visiting Seoul for the first time they can have this option of riding this bus. It will stop at the main tourist attractions including the historical places, traditional markets and shopping areas.

We were so lucky when we entered the building. It was so happened that they were having a pre launching this children furniture centre. None of the staffs can speak English but from our tiny little koreans we managed to get in and from our we understood if we were interested in their creation we can place the orders.

i love this section..awww like mother like daughter.. (when do I want to start sewing back, huh)

Monday, January 26, 2015


The morning was so bright and clear, not even 6 am yet! These were taken during the early summer, midst of May 2014. It was my routine to start my morning walk after subuh. Sunrise was so early so I can start my journey fresh and quite. But look at the steep walking alley here,pheww..

A few friends mentioned that some of the K Drama have these kinds of narrow steep path. 

Finally arrived at my apartment.

My house is on the first floor. We can see the trees up there. Our, so called front yard.

Saturday, January 24, 2015


I am sure some of you have watch some Korean dramas with the hero or heroin riding a bike.i always wanted one, the traditional look korean bicycle ( pink of course.hehe) but still havent got one. Last Spring we went to Seoul Forest Park for Malaysian Students gathering. I could not recall why we were there whereby none of us were students. Anyway, it was still cold in March at that time. But the kids were enjoying the bikes riding.  These could be rented here for a few thousand krw.

Spotted two Malaysian kids there!


Honestly, I have never cooked biryani in Malaysia. As far as I could remember, I think. We used to buy the Briyani Gam near Petronas Bandar Baru Bangi (I could not remember the Section..arghhh). It tastes so delicious and that made me tried to cook here. Exactly, I was not a single percent the same but at least this was homemade ;).


One good thing of being abroad is doing thing from scratch such making bread! I have never made bread in Malaysia but here I do it almost every week for my family consumption. Weeks by weeks, I keep trying to diversify the filling and some of the shape (well, look at my mood on that day, hehe). As in my longggggg previous posting, I have shown some of the bread that I made. The same recipe and I love it.

Oh ya, I want to talk about the bread flour. If you know No Hangeul, what do you expect to buy looking at these? haha..When I was first looking for the bread flour, I did some search on the google. That time, I was desperately in need of the flour since my bread flour from Malaysia was finished earlier that I expected. So, the google search only gave me the info on the bottom packaging, Q1 bread flour. Since that was the smallest packaging that I could buy, so I decided to try using it. Unfortunately it did not come out so well, a bit lumpy dough or maybe I did not expert enough to use that flour. But I did not give up. At that time, I don't really know Hangeul but someone told me that bread is PANG in Korean so I tried to make a conversation with the sales man in the Lotte Mart Convenient Store near my house. I just said "PANG" while showing to this rack. Well, I know there are pictures on those packaging but still the images some sort of confusing, at least for me.hehe.

After that day, I know my favourite bread flour here, the BLUE one! After that, I could confidently recommend to a few people who asked me about the flour in Korea. GREEN is multipurpose flour and it gives you the best result for cake!


I took this picture last spring.this was our backyard at that time. I love this small panel sink window. I could still watching the kids playing while cooking or doing the dishes. How I wish I have this kind of house forever. I took the pictures at different days, before the garden furniture was there and after we received it. Our landlord was so kind to consider my request to have that garden furniture.

I love this window plant but did not really know how to take care of it.they were last less than two weeks.on the very right side was Daniel's science project at school which last longer than mine! It took about one month plus living like that. I wished I could use the onion before he noticed it.haha.

Enjoy some pictures of our last spring.

She was enjoying the homemade bread fresh from the oven!

Her hobby is to sleep while eating at the dining table.she could simply fall asleep without you know it.Finished her broccoli and carrot but not the rice this time. Sometimes I have to take out the rice from the mouth and wake her up to sip water. And sometimes she just didnt even bother about it but to sleep! Ohh I am gonna miss this moment.


We went to Paju Premium Outlet in Korea. About one hour driving from Seoul. Not so much items were on sale but we were lucky since Tefal made a big sale. We just bought the items that we really need and a few for families.

This had helped us so much as the kids were so boring tagging along for our shopping.

After just a few hours, these were some of the items that we bought.some others were Nike pants and shoes. We decided not to come here again unless there is a huge SALE.hehe 


Banpo bridge park is one of the popular places in Seoul. Especially during Spring and Summer. There will be a lot people that would spend their time here to enjoy the sun and the river breezing environment. Some people would love to do cycling here, rollerblading, kite flying etc. We went there a few times to have small picnics with the kids and friends. For those who want to rent a bike, they can rent it here for a minimal rental cost. I wish I could have rented the traditional Korean bike but never get a chance due to my little "handbag".. I have to wait a bit more until she can ride a bike on her own. These pictures were taken during the last Spring.

Hey Daniel, you were not playing ball there, gotcha!

Damia has always given the best pose.haha

 I was doing some walking exercise there while Hanaa was looking at the kite.

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