Saturday, January 24, 2015


I took this picture last spring.this was our backyard at that time. I love this small panel sink window. I could still watching the kids playing while cooking or doing the dishes. How I wish I have this kind of house forever. I took the pictures at different days, before the garden furniture was there and after we received it. Our landlord was so kind to consider my request to have that garden furniture.

I love this window plant but did not really know how to take care of it.they were last less than two weeks.on the very right side was Daniel's science project at school which last longer than mine! It took about one month plus living like that. I wished I could use the onion before he noticed it.haha.

Enjoy some pictures of our last spring.

She was enjoying the homemade bread fresh from the oven!

Her hobby is to sleep while eating at the dining table.she could simply fall asleep without you know it.Finished her broccoli and carrot but not the rice this time. Sometimes I have to take out the rice from the mouth and wake her up to sip water. And sometimes she just didnt even bother about it but to sleep! Ohh I am gonna miss this moment.

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