Friday, January 23, 2015


I could not believe how busy I was. It is so happened that I have this entry longg time ago but it was not published. So I need to add a few sentences to suit the timeframe.

During the last spring (read: Spring 2014), we took the opportunity to go to Everland on their very last day of Tulip festival. It was so amazingly beautiful with tulips all around and we could not resist to take picture at every single corner. So here, I am sharing some pictures that we captured and hopefully it will give some ideas to the readers for next vacation destination.

This is our most favourite picture, it was so hard to get everyone perfectly pose for the best shot. The kids were so excited to explore while the parents wanted to take pictures.

 This was the picture when we first arrived. There were still some parking lots available at that time. We arrived there nearly 945 am.

We took this picture while waiting for our turn to enter the lost valley.

It was a two-hour waiting session with very long queue.

This picture was taken during our queuing time. They were so creative to put some cute lil animals like squirrels, rabbits, racoons,etc to distract our boring feeling for waiting sooooo long.

 This picture too..

 Tadaa, our turn was finally there! This was a bus boat ride. It was once on the land and we also went thru shallow water ride. It was a totally  new experience for us and we were all excited riding the bus.

 The giraffe feeding time!

Before we got off from the bus, last pose!

This was so scaryyyy for me. This flying coach, i could not remember what do they called this. I was so scared holding Hanaa like that.

There was Pororo too and we enjoyed the Hangeul Pororo show!

All in all, we enjoyed the theme park as much as the kids did. We both agreed that we sort of returned to our childhood time as most of the games need parent to accompany.
We plan to repeat the excitement here for the next season.
Thank you.

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