Saturday, January 24, 2015


Banpo bridge park is one of the popular places in Seoul. Especially during Spring and Summer. There will be a lot people that would spend their time here to enjoy the sun and the river breezing environment. Some people would love to do cycling here, rollerblading, kite flying etc. We went there a few times to have small picnics with the kids and friends. For those who want to rent a bike, they can rent it here for a minimal rental cost. I wish I could have rented the traditional Korean bike but never get a chance due to my little "handbag".. I have to wait a bit more until she can ride a bike on her own. These pictures were taken during the last Spring.

Hey Daniel, you were not playing ball there, gotcha!

Damia has always given the best pose.haha

 I was doing some walking exercise there while Hanaa was looking at the kite.

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