Saturday, January 24, 2015


One good thing of being abroad is doing thing from scratch such making bread! I have never made bread in Malaysia but here I do it almost every week for my family consumption. Weeks by weeks, I keep trying to diversify the filling and some of the shape (well, look at my mood on that day, hehe). As in my longggggg previous posting, I have shown some of the bread that I made. The same recipe and I love it.

Oh ya, I want to talk about the bread flour. If you know No Hangeul, what do you expect to buy looking at these? haha..When I was first looking for the bread flour, I did some search on the google. That time, I was desperately in need of the flour since my bread flour from Malaysia was finished earlier that I expected. So, the google search only gave me the info on the bottom packaging, Q1 bread flour. Since that was the smallest packaging that I could buy, so I decided to try using it. Unfortunately it did not come out so well, a bit lumpy dough or maybe I did not expert enough to use that flour. But I did not give up. At that time, I don't really know Hangeul but someone told me that bread is PANG in Korean so I tried to make a conversation with the sales man in the Lotte Mart Convenient Store near my house. I just said "PANG" while showing to this rack. Well, I know there are pictures on those packaging but still the images some sort of confusing, at least for me.hehe.

After that day, I know my favourite bread flour here, the BLUE one! After that, I could confidently recommend to a few people who asked me about the flour in Korea. GREEN is multipurpose flour and it gives you the best result for cake!

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