Friday, January 23, 2015


Assalamualaykum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh. Alhamdulillah finally I managed to squeeze my busy day to take a look at my old 'house' here. I really miss it so much. I miss blogging and reading the posts of blogger friend. Eventhough Fb has led the popularity but still I miss my blog coz it has its own attractive factor.

I have spent two days in a row (of course at my free time, or should I say I made my free time,haha) to read some of the entries of my blogger friends or my silent reading  blogs. Some of them are still posting entries eventhough not so many entries as before. Some of them are just like me, appear once in a year I guess, hehe. I am sure they also have their own reason like me, some other more important business to attend  to.

After one year and two months residing in Hannamdong, Seoul, a lot of things had happened and some of our routine have changed. From my last update, one thing for sure had changed is my routine. Damia,  my second daughter has been enrolling in Pre-School since last August as a prerequisite to join Year One this coming August. Since then, I have to have an extra "magic helping hands", haha. Routines became busier from the morning battle to the sleeping battle.

Well, I am not planning to drag everything that have been left out in one entry here. Oh ya, maybe some of you are wondering what made me decided to do this "comeback" in this blogging world. Actually it was my husband. I was talking to him that I will be a bit boring staying at home since our third child will be 3 this May. I could not believe that she is all grown up and at this age she started to do things on her own. So, my husband asked me, hey why don't you continue your blogging activities at least you don't feel that bored and at the same time you can have a platform to share some stories here since we wont be here for so long from now.

So, here I am!! Please feel free to visit here again, I will keep updating some stories about us, Tinicraft, Korea, sewing and anything related. Till then, Assalamualaykum.

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