Monday, March 16, 2015


 I actually did not want to make this entry because if I try to remember the event, I feel so sad and heartbroken for the kids. They both were having a winter concert at school and they were looking forward for us to see them performing.
But, too bad at that time, my husband had to outstation to Busan and my lil daughter Hanaa was having a high fever. The concert was at night so I could not go. But since they had been practicing hard, the school insisted to take care of them. Instead of coming home and going with parents later in the afternoon, the school let them stay back until the concert finished. So they need to bring the concert clothes in the morning.
Talking about the clothes, the teacher requested them to be in white shirt/blouse and black pants/skirt. Daniel had it since before but Damia, I did order from online shopping site. After a few days, they called saying that none of those are available. Since Hanaa was not well and I could not go out for shopping, I just decided to sew for her the blouse and the skirt.
She was so happy when trying out those two and imagining how pretty she would be during the concert. These two pictures was taken at home, a day before the concert.
But during the concert, all the girls had to tie their hair. And her hair a bit awful, because she was at the school from the morning. This was after the concert, they were eating cookies and chocolates. Credit to my friend for the pictures and a few videos. She was there for her daughter, Anis, Daniel's classmate.
Before the concert started. Spotted Damia in the middle. 
 Daniel was a bit upset without my presence there.
Aigoo..what Damia and her classmate were doing..something has dropped maybe?hehe.
The close-up shot for my handmade blouse and skirt. I love this material, I had it sometime ago from Gwanjang market as well as the lining. 

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