Thursday, March 12, 2015


I have to thank to my husband's cousin haha, because of her little family came to Korea we brought them here. My husband went there a few times already bringing some friends before. We just did not have a good timing to go, to many things need to be done when my husband was on leave. So I arrived here finally after one year living in Korea. ;)
This time we went there on Saturday, just after Daniel's school field trip here a day before. So, he became the tourist guide again, amazingly told us about King Sejong. I believed that he got the story from his teacher.
Eventhough it was a bit windy and cold that day (early autum, end November) but we still went there to catch our precious time with my husband's cousins.
They have this show at 10 am sharp everyday except on Tuesday (close).It was a guards changing session ceremony. It was a great show with some loud musics, we felt like in the Korean old film.haha

Met my Korean twin, haha. happened to meet this Korean teenager who could speak English very well.

As usual, hard to take a nice pic together.
Look at Damia!

 Ahh, they did not feel tired standing like a warrior guarding the palace.hehe.

The cousin and her son. We were on the train, heading to our lunch in Dongdaemun.

Near to the Gwanhamun train station, the King Sejong.

Lunch at Dongdaemun
The menu of the day, sotong sambal and ikan bakar.

This pic was sent by the cousin..still cannot get a nice pic, phewww..

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