Monday, March 09, 2015


We went to COEX Aquarium in Gangnam on the second hari raya last year. I was not well due to a few days cooking for the embassy celebration and some cakes orders but I still insisted to go out. I did not want to miss the time with the kids and we had to do as much thing as possible when Papa was on leave.
It was the second or third time for Daniel as he had visited the aquarium for his school field trip. But still he was enjoying our visit and as usual acting as the tourist guide.haha.

My loves were looking at some fishes in the aquarium. Owh, I always miss them no matter how much I have spent my time with them.
See my tired looking face? I was 39c at that time and was the only one who felt cold in there. My head was spinning but still acted like nothing for the sake of the kids.

While they were spending their times looking at this kind of stuffs, I was resting on a bench.
So creative, it looked like homemade aquarium, haha. Thanks to hubby for snapping the pictures.

Damia was tired and hungry.
Exhausted faces to finish a long way in the aquarium. We skipped a few corners though.
Daniel said, spidey snow crab.

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