Wednesday, March 11, 2015


 Ahh.. as for this moment, I already quit my Korean class due to family commitment and weather exposure for hanaa. But I always miss the class.
Let me share you one of the lessons that we had outside the classroom. The teacher (next to Hanaa) brought us here, the ceramic centre. It was so fun learning Korean outside the classroom and at the same time we could learn something else, ceramic class! Sounds fun, huh? We used to have once in cooking class, and they also visited a few places as part of outside classroom activities such as Nami Island, Guri flower park etc. I just joined which classes that I could.
My artwork. First time to do this and me & hanaa had so much fun. Hanaa kept asking me to make cat.hehe. 
They gave the cookie cutter and hanaa was making ceramic cookies.hehe. 
I really hope that one day we can come here again...

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