Monday, March 02, 2015


Last autumn, I decided to join a free Korean Class  near Hoegi Station, around the Hankuk University of Foreign Studies. It was recommended by one of the PHD students here, Ummu Hani. Since she was also in the class, so I decided to join. I could bring Hanaa too.hehe. I could not remember the exact date that I join but it was full of challenges. From my house I had to walk to Hannam Station, around 15 minutes walking, a bit slower as I was using stroller for Hanaa. Then since no elevator or escalator, I had to carry the stroller with her in it. Ouchh my back! Pheww..
Then from Hannam direct to Hoegi Station. From there, the was elevator going up from the track and and a bit of walk before going down to the street using the elevator too. From the station I have to walk another 15 minutes to the class at MODO Kids Library. Then I have to go up with stairs to the second floor. Imagine if Hanaa was sleeping I how I carried her. It was nearly one hour journey for one way, and it would take longer if it was raining or snowing. The class would be two hours and it was twice a week.
The teacher was so fun and so kind and helpful. We were having fun. Hanaa also had fun looking/reading the books there. But most of the time she would be sleeping throughout the class. I manage to read the character and the word except that I don't know the meaning. We learnt pretty basic thing first but it was so useful and applicable. I could write too, ok?
Then, sometimes during those cold days and snowing, I started to feel pity to Hanaa to go thru the cold days because of me. She kept saying," Don't want to go out, it is cold outside mom. Hanaa, home!". She was 2 years ++ at that time but yes, she could make that long sentence. But I still insisted her to go out until one  day she fell sick. It was started with her cold and normal fever until her high fever.
Then I decided to give up and quit the class. Now, I am still learning a lil bit thru youtube or some websites.
Some pictures of what we have been through for the class.
Hanaa was sleeping on my lap ;(
 Waiting for the train at Hannam Station.

If it was a bit warm, this would be her favourite stop.
Looking at the pictures..hehe
  My book that we bought.
The library that we had the class. 
 It was raining earlier on that day.
Some of my homework 

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