Friday, March 06, 2015


I did some gardening last spring and summer. These were some of them. I forgot to take picture of my daun kunyit with a big kunyit underneath.
Chili, but a made mistake. I planted the one that was not hot at all, just like a plain vegetable, phewww.. I then sprinkle some seeds of cili padi from Malaysia. It came out well but too bad winter came so fast at that time, I could not harvest anything from my cili padi.

These were some onion, I actually planted the green onion and was so surprised to see what was in there. I did not have enough big vase so I planted the napa cabbage. It was from the bottom part of it, after using what I wanted so I plant this bottom part, did not know what do we call that. Surprisingly too, I managed to harvest two times. I love the colour when it grew up, so green!
 Someone gave me serai with a lil bit akar so we planted it here. It turned out to grow well in the summer and autumn but when the winter was here, I had to cut it all to be frozen.

Before going into the freezer, see gemok kan?
 This is my scallion/green onion! I can harvest it many times. Just cut it all out and wait in three days.


Mila@Rimbun said...

meriah betul gardening tini yerr.. akak yg duduk malaysia ni pun malas hihi.. asyik nak mati jer tanaman hihi

TiniCraft Ibtisamfarah said...

Terpaksa la kak sbb sini semua menda winter ni redho jerla kena beli mahal.hehe.spring is coming in one month taksabar nak menanam balik.hehe

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