Friday, May 09, 2014


Today I really miss nasi ayam penyet somehow. This picture was taken when I made this nasi when we first arrived here about two months. I cannot make it today coz still not well (coughing, flu and fever) so try to avoid spicy food (well this sambal should be hot and spicy, baru best).

In Malaysia I went to two restaurants having nasi ayam penyet and one of it was my regular visit after then. Satu lagi tu sangat x best especially the soup was like putting ajinomoto in a water only  which failed to impress us and my 6 yrs old son in fact was asking me; "mama, sup ape ni?".

 Even a simple nasi ayam penyet, every serving has to be completely cooked with love, not 'ala kadar' to have a perfect meal.

p/s: among all i love the sambal, the longest time cooked but worth.


Jendela Hati said...

sy pun suka ayam penyet... kdg nk dptkn sambal yg best tgk tempat jgk

TiniCraft Ibtisamfarah said...

kan..tini rasa yg sedap tu sambalnya lah..ayamnya simple je..hehe

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