Friday, July 23, 2010


I've been away for a while to attend my PTK at De Palma, Ampang. Alhamdulillah, it was a smooth course I guess. Just back in the office yesterday. Lot of things need to be caught. Thanks to my lovely hubby for taking care the kids! I had prepared what needs to be prepared. I had cooked some frozen food such as daging masak merah, sambal bilis, sambal kosong, sup kosong for Fahmi and bubur nasi for adik Tasnim. I did the laundry earlier, put the clothes for their nursery nicely in the basket to make sure Papa's morning without Mama would be organized. And he did it very well!! (lenkali mama leh gi outstation lak yer..).

Last but not least, I do miss sewing a lot!! Since last night, I've already started to be on the sewing track back, but I was so frustrated coz my machine was not working well, something went wrong somewhere. Seemed like the machine merajuk. Maybe because I've missed my sewing activities for a couple of days. Or maybe she knew that I'm surveying a new machine!AHh...whatever..

Talking about new machine, I've decided to buy a new machine, partially automated I guess, Brother NV50. Not Bernina, not Janome.Why?why? Because I was thinking to save that one thousand for other more important thing. I've ordered the machine and to try to get it delivered by today!! can't wait!

For those who have placed orders, I'll try to get it done by end of this month because I want to start to sew my kids' raya clothes! Sounds like my new project huh? We'll see..


Mila@Rimbun said...

welcome to NV50 club hahaha..I have been using NV50 for abt a year.. so far so good. Plus I bought it from LSN, the "after sales services" is wonderful.. we can even call them for instruction.. especially in the earlier stage..

TinyTini said...

waa, good to know la kak..mesin baru sampai, still in the box, ni keje lagi, balik karang saya kerjakan..ehehe..

Mila@Rimbun said...

tini beli online ke? dengan LSN jugak? akak suka pergi beli offline kat LSN sbb banyak bole dapat free item kakaka.. plus aritu dapat 25% (if not mistaken) discount..

TinyTini said...

tak kak, beli kot tepon then dia hantar, bkn lsn tapi dari cawangan kuchai lama..lsn tu dia charge penghantaran..ehehe..pastu harga dia mahai sket skrg ni..

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