Thursday, January 21, 2010


As I've been so busy lately and not feeling well, I kept postponing to sew things. But when I'm ready to continue sewing, my machine got some problem, so had to send to the shop. When the machine is ok, some of the needed materials are not available. So, I'm trying hard to get the sewing mood again and at the same time pushing my malas mood away..ehehe.. Some orders are still pending. Some buyers are still willing to wait (thank you so much for your support, love you all!!). But some I suggested them to place order to another great crafter, (I consider all crafters out there as friends, so don't mind to let go order eventhough those crafters never notice who I am, I don't mind..ehehe)

Boleh bagi tips utk bersemangat balik tak??

*blank and blur*


Zura said...

Sewing mood memang ada swing nya. I hope you'll get it back soon coz I love your work and have been a silent inspiration seeker at your blog for so long. Your bags are great! Take care :)

Ibtisamfarah said...

Salam Sis Zura..thanks for the encouraging words..really appreciate it so much..and surprisingly, I've been reading your blog too..I love all your creation especially the girl's girl tgh membesar..teringin sangat nakwat dress kena belajar dulu :)

Ummi-Izah said...

assalam farah..

cuba pergi ke blog2 crafter lain yg do sewing bila kita tgk org jahit itu jahit ini pulak tu cantik2 sure ader perasaan and move on cubalah yer...gud luck

Ibtisamfarah said...

haa..betullla ummi..saya pun rasa macam mood da semakin datang da ni..tunggu masa weekend la hi..hari keje kol 7 baru sampai umah..kadang2 kol 9 mlm..huhu..

AFITI said...

salam sis,
insyaallah mood dtg kembali..kdg2 perlu keserentakan juga untuk mood kembali..mesin jahit nk rehat kot..hehe

Ibtisamfarah said...

eheh..sis..akak suppose wat entry baru dgn latest projects, tp taksempat akak da terima your order..nanti akak reply your email yer..thanks for ordering..

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