Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Last 2 weeks I was on leave for 3 days. I had to take care of my son, Fahmi as he got chicken pox.Hubby took leave 2 days earlier. So I had to continue, well I love being at home with my kids around. Being me who cannot just sit and watch tv, I did something for the house. The first picture was the curtain string (don't know what is the word, actually). It's made of kind of satin ribbon. Cannot really remember when did I bought this but if I'm not mistaken I got it from 99 cent store in Tucson 6 years back (at that time not knowing M'sia has it everywhere, LOL). But anyway, it was not very practicle because when we tied it, after a while it will slowly slide down. Not to forget my Fahmi loved to 'tarik-tarik' since the 'juntaian-juntaian' was very nice.

So, while Fahmi was watching his spiderman, I sew this new curtain string for all my 4 door curtains. Used up some leftover orange stripes fabrics, it somehow match (for me) the english curtain, Below is the view of the back. very simple but for me it is very practicle. (Simple here also means, I can always change the cloth string whenever I feel like changing it!! )

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