Monday, November 08, 2010

SEBOK (busy)

I miss blogging so much. I've been too busy with non-stop visits & meetings, plus emceeing activities and what not. Now, I keep getting busy and busy, no time to do some sewing. Deep in my heart, I wish I could finish Tasnim's new baju kurung for this Eidul-Adha..Anyway, talk about busy or sibuk. Some update from Fahmi.

One week ago...

Mama: Fahmi, jom balik..
(From nursery, Fahmi terkedek2 walked into the car)

Once he got into the car,
Fahmi: Selamat Pagi Cikgu (looked at papa)

Papa: Waaa, Fahmi dah pandai, belajar kat skolah ye..bagus anak papa..(proudly & sincerely praised our son)

Fahmi: Papa ni, seebok je (full of intonation, i tell you..funny one but so cute though)

Papa: Uik? belajar kat skolah jugak ye?

Fahmi: (Grinned)

Back at home, in the bathroom.

Papa: Fahmi, dah mandi..jom kuar!

Fahmi: Papa ni, seebok je (still playing with his toys in the bathroom)

Papa: Amboi..(kurang asham)

Fahmi: (Grinned)

We thought that he just imitated somebody else, but that showed that he really meant what he said..fuuhh..

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Mila@Rimbun said...

budak2 kalau g nursery cepat jer belajar.. kekadang banyak buruk dr baik.. nak wat camna kan.. have to

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