Saturday, January 04, 2014


My first attempt making one of the korean popular snacks, Gyeranbang (egg cake). Alhamdulillah it turned out not that bad. Actually we went to Myeongdong before and we saw a lot of korean snacks sold along the road. My kids keep asking whether we can eat that, eat this until we finally saw gyeranbang. Somebody told us before that we can eat that if it is only flour and egg base. So we bought one and it cost about RM6.50 per pc.Three kids, we bought three..pheww..mahal jugaklah. They have a special pan so that they can 'terbalikkan dan kepit' the one whole egg in the middle. Eating something warm in the winter time is so tempting.

So, came back home i did some search from google and found the recipe. It was so damn simple and I finally did it. Since I dont have that special pan, I just use normal muffin pan (i will definitely get one) and instead of using one whole egg for one cake, i use for three cakes (kedekut kan?bukanlah, berjimat sambil kurangkan kolestrol, ;p).

The whole kitchen smells good and the kids were so excited and in fact Fahmi requested it two days in a row. So, settled one thing and I definitely make this before going out next time to make sure the kids do not go hungry of korean snacks anymore.

Behind this, I see a big 'hikmah'. We can save and the most important thing is the kids only eat everything homemade and in shaa Allah halaalan toyyiban. This also make me realize one thing, I remembered my Ustaz told me long time ago, if we were to buy an outside food, please make sure the seller and the cook are covering their aurat so that the food is halaalan  toyyiban. This make sense but I dont really take this into account before. Yup, sometimes we did not open ourselves for a choice to choose..pakai tudung tp baju lengan pendek, takpun tudung pulak ikat belakang nampak leher..well thats not covering aurat. but we see that kind of sellers everywhere in Malaysia.

Syukur alhamdulillah I can see it now and hopefully I will be istiqomah in this matter and make sure only halaalan toyyiban foods go into my kids' body, in shaa Allah..

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