Thursday, November 18, 2004


assalamu'alaykum the name of Allah, I start my journey here..this is just an additional blog..i chose "ibtisamfarah" because this combination of two arabic words is really means something for me..I combined these words long time ago and it always on my mind..but I don't really use it..And now, I really happy because at last I can do something special with it.. 'ibtisam' means smile and 'farah' means it's kind of "a happy smile"..But anyway..nothing much here..just want to share some beneficial and nice stuff..and a tiny part of His 'ilm.. insyaAllah.. But, I may not update it frequently because I have another blog to be visit it.. InsyaAllah we'll get something here to feed our heart..or at least my heart.. =)

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