Monday, May 03, 2010


I could feel this before. Since last week. My little damia is not feeling well, since last week..just same routine for any baby, flu+cough. She did not cry that much, it's just that she could not sleep well.

Everytime she wakes up, me and hubby wake up. (alhamdulillah fahmi always has his good sleep, which is really helps in a way). One week ++ in a row we did not have enough sleep.

Deep in my heart, I really pray that I always feel great, be in a good health so that I can take care of the family. I really need the strength now, I need the energy, I need the spirit.

Deep in my heart, I really hope that I could take over my baby's illness. Always want her to be fit & healthy.

Deep in my heart, when will this busy-at-work go away? I'm so stressfull. Oh, my...

Deep in my heart, I have to be more dicipline in taking medicine & watch out for any not good food. I have to drink a lot of water, at least for these couple days ( Alhamdulillah, still bf but when will make up my leftover fasting days? 9 days left.InsyaAllah right after little damia is ok.)

I'll always pray for the best health and the highest state of iman.

Y'all to, please do pray for me too.

Thank you.

p/s: My precious customers, thanks for patiently waiting for the orders, I'm still sewing but slowly.


AFITI said...

salam..hope ur child get well soon..
sllu xsihat eh ank pmpuan..

TinyTini said...

salam..anak2 kalau less than 2 years mmg macam tu..senang kena jangkitan batuk selsema..ehe

AFITI said...

owh gitu ank masih bwh 2 taun..bdk2 kecik lagi kan..antibodi msih kurang..huhu..

xtau lak..mklumla..msih blum ada ank..haha

mamaAm said...

utk runinng nose, the best nose cleaner - brand Pigeon- ado tube sambung kat baby 's nose- mama keno sedut- memang keluar
for urself ambik vit c 500gm.....semoga cepat sembuh..........azlina

Fith said...

semoga damia cepat sembuh yer,biasa laa kan,anak sakit mak bapak pun terasa sakit.get well soon damia,take care yer tini!

TinyTini said...

mamaAm:eheh..saya sedut cara manual..huhu..sendiri buat..utk anak takper..thanks anyway for your suggestion.
fith:thanks..skrg ni anak2 da sehat tp tini yg teruk.kena jumpa pakar hidung sbb selsema teruk, jd sinus.

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