Friday, October 22, 2010


I miss blogging so much. Too much work, super duper busy, tension & stress, too much already..aghhhh...

Anyway, last week, me & my hubby had a chance to go to my hubby's brother convocation at UPSI. We took leave for one day (we should have taken more! nyesal!) and we were lucky because we left the kids at the nursery. It was so damn hot eventhough it was quite cloudy. Maybe because too many people. Enjoy the pictures!

Panas but enjoy! My BIL is 4th from the left.

This was the funny part. We were walking around looking for our brother since could not reach his mobile, too many people were calling him I guess. So my hubby did this funny act, asked somebody to take this picture..
Lagi2 gambar, orang yg convo tak jumpa, kami yg berconvo plak..hihihi..

Me and my sweet manis MIL

Posing, more than the graduates! :P

1 comment:

AFITI said...

salam rs ada tjumpa x sempat.. ditarik mmber..sibuk berposing ms tu..

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