Wednesday, December 01, 2010


Salam all..i know, i've been away from my blog for a while due to my busy schedule at work. Well, it is a no end episode. Never. Aghhh...

Anyway, I have just uploaded our Aidiladha photos, only a couple of pictures due to Tasnim cirit-birit, no mood to take pictures. Ok guys, enjoy!

My lil Tasnim with her flowery baju kurung sewn with love by mama..i love you girl!

In baju kurung, but still have time to play abang fahmi's handgun..

Three of us only since abang Fahmi ada his own activities outside the TokBah's house

TokBah was generous enough to provide Fahmi a pair of rain boots for him to play around the cute ok!

Hey, Mama got you! My heart got melted with the sweet smile!
(attention: the aquarium was clean enough when the picture was taken but full of sabut2,kulit rambutan,selipar etc after a while..ayahsu had to move the fishes somewhere..huhu~~)

We had fun, alhamdulillah..looking forward to go back to Kampung again next time!


norem said...

So sweet..suka dgn baju berbunga pink..

TinyTini said...

tula..tuk budak2 sweet sangat..bnyk lagi collection taksempat nak menjahit..ehehe

Mila@Rimbun said...

wahhh ingatkan dah abih citer raya ni hehehe

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