Friday, December 10, 2010


Stress is always an issue for anyone at one point of time. And for sure you could handle it in your own way. As for me, work is always stress for me because most of my tasks are adhoc basis. Can't help it. Sometimes I don't even have my weekends! But I can still survive in my workplace until today.Alhamdulillah. Here are some tips, how I handle my stress:

1. Solat, baca Quran & tafsir (the most effective way)
2.Talk to my sporting hubby & Play with my kids
3.Take a good shower - hair shampoo & body scrub
4.Go to spa for a massage
5.Do some sewing
6.Read magazine
7. Call family/ friends
8.(new tip) will share it one day

How about you? How do you handle your stress? Feel free to share..


Mila@Rimbun said...

Kalau stress at work... I change my employer hahaha..... sibuklah interview sana sini cari keje baru. Till now, at my current employer mmg no stress... but not challenging lerr.. what to do..

TinyTini said...

ehehe..kak mila, employer a bit OK, but the nature of work is so damn stress..cannot take it anymore, but i hv no choice..

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