Sunday, December 26, 2010


Last week, when I did this, my hubby asked me whether I got pregnant because lately, I am too into the house decoration..ahaha..sweettt..abang ingat kita nak dapat gegurl lagi yer..I'm not pregnant for the 3rd yet, but somehow I feel so great if I can improve the house interior deco. Not a big one pun, just small2 part and of course small investment. Yup, our boy & girl are now growing up, need a lot of money. We need to spend the money wisely. Eventhough this is our first house that we bought, alhamdulillah..but that doesn't mean that we wanna settle down here. I'll share you later my ultimate goal to really settle down. Anyway, enjoy..

Guest room/ Pray room downstairs

Border of the living room & the dry kitchen

Near the kitchen kabinet

Bathroom near the kitchen

Outside the bathroom..

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