Tuesday, May 31, 2011


These few days, saya cepat penat..work is never been lesser, sometimes it is more than usual especially when we have to hop here and there..raising the kids getting tougher yet fun together..

Anyway, last weekend was a tiring weekend. I was finishing orders on Saturday while hubby was helping me doing the house chores. Then we had a long journey for a kenduri. Sunday was the same. I invited some relatives to get together and eat of course! While I was cooking, hubby was folding clothes and watching over the kids. At night I was almost passed out due to so much of work.Again, hubby massaged me dengan minyak panas until I slept and the kids were with him until they both slept.

I woke up early in the morning, nearly 4pm. I was watching 3 of them sleeping. I am so blessed with a pair of kids and a very responsible & supportive husband. We both work in the office, everyday we go back home nearly 7pm. Both are tired. But with the responsibility we manage to handle it together. I know that we both aware that we love each other and the responsibility comes together.

Let me share a true story of us. The reality.

I joined my current workplace after two months my hubby joined. We saw each other after about one month, when we had our first meeting with the management. He sat next to me. I didn't know him at all. While waiting for the management, he then started the conversation by asking what did i wrote in my diary. I just answer a lil bit without looking at him.

A few days later, my housemate which apparently in the same division with him, asked me a few weird questions, such as; akak dah ada seseorang?akak berminat tak nak berkenalan dengan orang division saya? etc. (pandai dia pasang spy ye)

The next day, my housemate send me nasi lemak in a plate. They were having a birthday celebration I think. tak ingat dah. So I wanted to send the plate to their division. It was 5.30pm and seemed that no one in the division already except the bosses. Then I saw this guy. Macam pernah nampak dia ni. So, I opened my mouth. "Encik, nak letak kat mane pinggan ni?" He then excitedly showed to me where to put.

Then he started asking me few questions, my study background..etc. He sat in his room, and I was standing outside. We talked about 10 minutes.

From that we knew a lil bit about each other. 2 days later, I got a sms from him:
Him: Saya ske awak.
Me: S.K.E tu ape? (masa tu mmg saya kurang arif shortcut2 ni)
Him: S.U.K.A
Me: Oh ye ke..Ok..(masa tu menggelabah call member, apa nak cakap ni..)
Me: Maaf, saya taknak bercinta (dulu2 masa blajar cinta monyet ade ler sket2)
Him:Saya suka awak dan nak kahwin dgn awak

A month plus after we know each other, family dia datang merisik.
We didn't really have time to date together earlier because I chose not to. Just had lunch & dinner together few times with some friends. 2 months after that, we got married.

Starting from that day we started our new life. We started to know each other. Bercinta selepas kahwin is a precious gift. But the most important thing is, cinta is nothing without the responsibility. Responsibility is lacking of something without the love in a marriage. Some people know each other for years and years and ended up married with someone else. Jodoh itu ketentuan Ilahi.

Love and responsibility, always come together..


Mrs Li - Faeeza Yusoff said...

betul tu kak tini, CINTA = RESPONSIBILITY :D alhamdulillah, smoga kite terus mngecap bahagia hingga ke syurga...insyaALLAH :D

NoEn said...

hmmm...so sweet la..
kami pun xbercinta lama..kenal hubby 2-3hr b4 final exam,abes jer exam dia ckp dia suka sy..hiks then tunang about less than a year then nikah..tp time tunang(even sebelum b'tunang pun)xleh dating sebab kami dok jauh..dh nikah pun masih PJJ and sampai sekarang masih lg PJJ..huhu

TinyTini said...

Faeza, insyaAllah..amiin..

TinyTini said...

NoEn: wa PJJ mencabar gak tu..kalo da biasa dari dulu takpe..ehehe..macam tini ni keje pun tempat same so hari2 jumpa, tp kalo dia outstation lama2 maunya haru gak tu..apatah lagi PJJ..huhu~~

Fith said...

oooo begitu kisah cintanya yer,nice!hehe.
sememangnya cinta dan tanggungjawab bergerak seiring dlm rumahtangga.moga terus bahagia ye!
take care

TinyTini said...

ehehe..fith, tula mmg fast track malas nak tunang2 & nak elak fitnah sbb satu tempat keje..:) jelesnya fith da nak dapat yg 3rd..huhu..

Kak Aya said...

woww sungguh manis sekali kisah perkenalan Tini dan si DIA...

semoga kebahagiaan sentiasa menyelubungi rumahtangga TINI.

salam sayang.

TinyTini said...

hihi..kelakar pun ada..

SCLover said...

tiny, so sweet.Ye jodoh , ketentuan Ilahi.. akak pun btemu jodoh dgn kawan sekelas masa blajar...mmmm. kelakar pun ader kalau di ingat2kan...

TinyTini said...

ingat balik zaman dolu2 ni lah menguatkan lagi kasih sayang kan.. :P

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