Thursday, May 19, 2011


Actually after the had problem earlier, I just did not get my mood to do my regular blogging, posting new posts. But I do really read those blogs that I've been following and I also found some other new interesting blog too. In fact, I should have posted something on my birthday on 17th May 2011 but I just could not!

Well, anyway today is already 19th May 2011..still not too late to make a birthday entry. This is my 28th year you know...uwaaaaaaaaa...I feel so old already. Another 2 years for me to turn 30!

Here is my birthday wishes this year:-

1. To become a better 'servant', wife, mom, daughter, sister and employee.
2. To control my sensitive feeling and bad impression
3. To become a better craft addict of course. I need to improve my sewing a lot!!

Wish me luck yea?

Although we did not have a big celebration, the most important thing was, i did spent time together with my hubby & the kids!

Almost every year hubby will get me cheesecake but this time I requested big apple donuts! I love it so much especially the aliens! In fact hubby has put an early request to have the same for his next birthday!

Thanks for visiting here.


NoEn said...

Happy birthday Tini!!!

Mila@Rimbun said...

happy belated birthday... alahaii angka 28 tu kira muda lg lah tuh.. moga panjang umur murah rezeki dan bertambah keimanan.

TinyTini said...

noen: thanks

k.mila:huhu~~takmuda mane la kak..lg2 kite yg keje kuat ni nampak lg cepat tua..huhu~~thanks for the prayers

Kak Aya said...

happy belated birthday untuk TIni!
baru 28 je..k.aya ni dah 38, 10 tahun berbeza....

Mrs Li - Faeeza Yusoff said...

happy belated besday kak tini :D smoga di bwh lindungan ALLAH sentiase n bbahagia bsm kluarga :D

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