Monday, September 27, 2010


We took the chance to go to Cherating during our last journey, Terengganu-KL. We did survey some places and we decided to go to Cherating Bayview Resort. Why?
1. Not so many people know this place I guess because it was at the end of the Kampung in fact we had to pass through a graveyard before we met this resort.
2. It has a good view - our chalet is right in front of the beach, most likely a private beach and very clean of course.
3. Has swimming pools!

Enjoy some pictures! I'll post another entry on this. Take care!


CuppyCakeMommy said...

tini..i kenal tasnim..used to be mia's nursery mate kat permata bonda dulu..dulu selalu lepak permata bunda time lunch bf skang i dah tukarkan mia ke jari kecil alam sari..
i suka jari kecil sbb dia macam play school sket..byk toys and activity untuk diorang main..

TinyTini said...

la ye ke? keciknya dunia..u dok taman tropika kan? nampak gaya umah tu..ehehe..i sbnrnya tgh planning nak hantar kat alam sari tu gak..tgh survey2 terkuar plak blog u..mmg beshlah nursery tu lebih teratur nampaknya.ada no. contact pengurus dia tak?

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