Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I was supposed to write about this topic one day before Eid. Due to out of internet connection at my MIL's house so I had to postpone it. In fact we were to busy preparing things for Eid. She was born on 090909 (19th Ramadhan). We had her birthday cake on the Eid (1 Syawal - her brother, Fahmi was born on 1 Syawal).

Anyway, alhamdulillah, she's now able to start her first few steps. Nothing else makes me happy other than seeing her everyday. And she's growing up, which also in a way makes me feel so worry. Today's world is much more challenging for her & her brother. And I just can't afford to have no baby in the house! (*wink*wink*). I leave you with some pictures of my tiny Tasnim.

p/s: The hijab didn't really match and that was why it only last for 15 seconds on her.


Fith said...

happy belated birthday damia.moga membesar sbg anak yg solehah...
comelnye pakai hijab,klau fith ada baby girl pun mesti nak bg pakai hijab,sbb cute sgt kan,hehe.
me too,tak tahan laa kalau takde baby kat rumah,hihi...
oh,tini dah pregnant ker ni?

TinyTini said...

tu baru hijab, tang jahit baju kurung, nakwat dress..excited! haha fith wat lawak la..tini tunggu fith dulu :P

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