Monday, April 25, 2011


I never sew a curtain before, maybe i did when I was in secondary school for my mom's house, but that was not the perfect curtain, it was just a simple one..

I made this one totally by myself except my hubby helped me with the hanging and putting the steel hanger.

What drove me sewing the curtain?haha..Always, if I want to wash my curtain, I'll make sure it will be cleaned and dry before the night comes. But lately, it's always rainy in the afternoon. That make me feel so worry. After a short discussion with hubby, he agreed to do the house chores (as usual) and I enjoyed the sewing.

But I tell you, it's easy but 'ghenyah' and tedious because the fabric is in 58" and 2 meters down long. About 3 hours I could sew 8 meters (4 pcs) for my 2 panels window and 3 panels window. I could only have 4 pcs only due to scarcity of the fabrics and with that I have to play around with the pleating to make sure it turns out well.

Fabric, red? yes, after i got married, hubby introduced RED to me. I ended up with red bed and the curtains too..

thanks dear for helping me out. berpeluh2 hubby cucuk besi masuk kat langsir, to make sure the pleat turns out OK..

takpandai betul saya amik gambar..macam ni je dapat..satu tingkap lagi tu siap later tak larat nak bergambar dah..

ni langsir lama..puas cari gambar nampak langsir gara2 lupa nak amik gambar before turunkan haritu..dulu langsir lama merah betul bilik pun jadi gelap..sekarang bilik terang benderang..

the best part was, bila anak2 balik, walaupun diorang kecil but the were quite sensitive with the curtain change.

Fahmi: Wahh...cantiknya..mama jahit ke?

Adik: seperti biasa dia jenis berat mulut tak cakap apa tapi panjat katil pegi gosok2 langsir tu..sambil muka excited.. (cantik ke dik?) :P

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