Friday, July 29, 2011


InsyaAllah hari isnin nanti kita akan berpuasa..bulan yang ditunggu2 oleh semua, untuk menggandakan ibadah, bukan ibadah puasa sahaja..malah ibadah2 lain juga..bulan ini jugalah bulan yang kita harus rebut peluang untuk melipatgandakan amalan..

tidak dinafikan juga, bulan ini jugalah direbut2 oleh peniaga2 terutamanya peniaga makanan dan persiapan hari raya yang lain termasuk pakaian, biskut raya dan sebagainya..sampaikan sanggup untuk membayar sewa RM20,000 sebulan..fuuhhh..nampak gayanya memamg menguntungkan..

as for me, I have to be balance..still have few more orders need to be completed before the Eid including Tasnim's baju kurung, I also have to be stronger in order to do the ibadah, especially the tarawikh and also put extra energy on preparing the arrival time from workplace would be same as usual (maybe a bit early, insyaAllah) around 6-630pm. I normally cook simple menu or sometimes we also buy from stalls nearby (in a way help the neighborhood). This year would be the same, it's just that I have to prepare to get use of eating no rice..??

these past few weeks, I was suffering of serious constipation that may lead to have a serious hemorrhoid. In order to avoid that, I have to take a lot of fluids and fibers and it helps a lot if i take no, I've tried some other food that make me feel full for example pita bread with chicken sandwich and meehun sup. I don't know but somehow it seemed work on me. And I noticed, if I were to take a full meal of rice, I would get the constipation. That means, 2-3 spoons of rice is enough..huhu~~ saya perut nasi maa...tak boleh tahann...

that means:-
1. I still have to cook rice & lauk for hubby and the kids (Fahmi is also a perut nasi boy)
2. I can only eat the lauk with a lot of vegetables and also to eat fruits, compulsory
3. I cannot skip sahur with at least kurma and bread to avoid my gastric pain (see, I also have gastric)

Therefore I have to stock up my refrigerator with a lot of vegetables, fruits,pita bread,chicken, fish, tomorrow will be a hectic day for me..groceries time!

Friends, pray for me that I won't sick during Ramadhan..last year I was warded during Ramadhan due to dehydration..this year, insyaAllah I won't sick again..

Oh ya, if you have any other type of food (which is not nasi) that can make us full and yet give us energy, please share with me..

Thank you for your time..


Mrs Li - Faeeza Yusoff said...

selamat berpuasa kak tini n famly :)! u may try spageti.sbb org nk diet di galakkan mkn spageti sbb die ble sustain pun prt nasi!hehe.

TinyTini said...

tu la..kalo ikutkan mmg favourite tu, tp da tak makan sbb ada daging..akak susah nak hadam..kalo kuah lain rasa tak besh :P

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