Wednesday, April 30, 2014


I know that he has been to school quite sometimes already, starting end of January this year and his mom can only post about this now..haha..hopefully this blog will still exist so that Daniel can read when he grew up. This is a new school around the neighbourhood, a British School. He was so excited to go to school since the very first day and up until today. If he is quite reluctant to wake up in the morning, I would just say, Daniel lemme call your school saying that you are not going to school today. Before finishing my sentence he would just get up and walk to the bathroom, fun isn't it? Allahu Akbar, I am gonna miss this moment. He even requested to go to school during weekends and spring break. What does that mean? School is fun! Here, he has no homework but honestly his Mom has a lot of task piling up just for his other lesson; Quran of course, Jawi both writing and reading..kalau kat mesia cikgu dapat banyak pahala woo mostly anak kenal dan tulis jawi from school. I have started about kisah Nabi and completed a book through bedtime story slots and I have yet to teach him Arabic, Seerah, Aqidah etc..challenging huh?Indeed..talking about languages, he's now learning English, Korean and Mandarin in school and his Mom wants him to learn Arabic? yup, kesian but I have to, who else would cover that? Well, Arabic was my minor in Arizona other than Major in Economics, so why not? (fuuh, ingat lg ke yang ooii)..wish me luck!


Suzie said...

Boleh cakap korea lah nanti yer

TiniCraft Ibtisamfarah said...

blhla kak sket sket..xpaham kita dibuatnya..hehe

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