Friday, April 25, 2014


This bed is so perfect for Tasnim, my second girl. I knew that I was always dreaming of this kind of bed for my girls when we were in Malaysia but it was not just yet to do so. I was so not really hard trying to separate them as they were still small I think. We are all sleep together, 5 of us in our master bedroom which I think it is normal for some other families too.

As soon as I knew that we were coming here, I told Fahmi and Tasnim to sleep in their own bedroom when we are in Korea as that is the rule for kids in Korea, haha cruel mom huh? Anyway, it is not a bad thing though so I just proceed. When we moved to our house here, on the very first day I set up their bed as they love  and they started to sleep in their own room.. And please please try to accompany them until the fall asleep for at least for a few nights. I did that for Fahmi, 6++ yrs old and did some bedtime story telling (cerita Nabi) with the lights on some more but Tasnim could surprisingly slept on her own with the lights off eventhough it was just her first day and she was just 4++ years old. But Iswitch on the lights at the family hall and keep their doors opened as they may awake in the middle of the night. Until today I will wake up 2 times for their bathroom time and some times a few more times just to look and see how are they doing, you know put their comforter back on ke, now still cold eventhough we have a minimum heater on but still it is cold at night.

Another tips, when waking up in the morning hugs and kiss them as you really miss them so much when the are sleeping, yup I really do miss them all even while the are sleeping..and try to talk to the about their experience, how do they feel, what were their dreams etc. And we still do that routine until now. It has a huge impact as we can feel that they are looking forward for another night and another and another and so on. Alhamdulillah.

p/s: Hanaa my little daughter in this picture was just pretending to sleep here..haha, she has her own bed in our master bedroom.

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