Friday, April 25, 2014


This is not a cooking blog but I would love to share what I have cooked for the kids and what they like the most here. I know that I found a halal pizza small restaurant here but it is all the way up to itaewon area, where we used to live for two months when first arrived here. So I have no option but to make the pizza. Pizza has been a weekly regular food for the kids when I was working before in Malaysia. You know, coming home nearly magrib or after, I always had to make up something with the kids by ordering their favourite food. And here, after I googled and tried a few recipe, I found one that I would definitely hold it until forever..yup, finally.Alhamdulillah. And you know what, eventhough it was not perfect but it was so perfect for me to have this satisfaction feeling when looking at them eating and thanking me for what I have cooked. Kids, I will try to make up every single moment that I have missed when I was working before.

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