Friday, June 18, 2010


My husband will be outstation for two weeks, alhamdulillah my MIL and MOM will take turn for that two weeks. Alhamdulillah. I should have been so prepared this time because this is not the first time my husband is away, but the difference is HUGE. This time, the period is much longer, I'm not in a good health, the kids are getting so active, sewing job is abundant (my fault of course, cari pasal heh?), work is extremely a lot (more visits, enquiries..and what not).

Anyway, forget about that. Now, I'm listing what I have to do:-

I need to be prepared if none of them buat hal, tanak dgn nenek/tokma which is impossible because Fahmi can easily mix with others, and Tasnim as well as long as didokong, lol. Need to prepare their nursery bags before going to sleep so that I can just grab in the morning without having turning back home to pickup something. (nenek/tokma takpayah susah2 kena hantar barang ke nursery jalan kaki belakang umah..ehehe). Also, I have to spend more time with them as to replace my husband's time with them which will be so boring since my husband does have a lot of fun activities! Sabar yer anak-anakku..ehehe..

Use KTM instead of having a long driving journey home-office-home plus tension traffic jam and try to get office jobs done/half done by 530pm so that I can go back early.

I'm sure my MIL/MOM will be more than willing to help me on this since none of them like outside food which we sometimes got no choice. And maybe this time I have to take chance to do cooking after a tiring work, try to do some frozen cooked food (good idea? well, outside food sometimes no good or tasteless)

I've to accept the fact that I have no choice; by any chance I have to finish it as I've given a commitment, maybe a bit delay-pardon me my dear customers. I have to plan this very well next time.

Should have no problem since I started to engage a weekend maid, at least once in a month, twice a month lot easier. Just to have her to sweep away the dust and do the mopping and lap2. I still prefer to do the laundry/cloth folding by myself (well, my husband did it more than i do :P, kantoi)

Well, at the same time I have to prepare a surprise for my husband when he gets back from the State. hmm..any good idea???

Guys, wish me luck yeah..and we'll see the progress..ehehe.. Have a good weekend every one!


Fith said...

Eh,bukan ker tini mmg dah lama jd super mommy ker?hehe.
i'm sure u can handle this situation dear!just take a good care of urself first.manage ur time so that u can get enough rest k.insyaAllah both fahmi n tasnim akan behave,diorg sure faham papa takde so kena bg full support utk mama.take care,gambatte ne!

TinyTini said...

Thanks Fith, ni kena extra super duper..ehehehe

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