Friday, January 07, 2011


4th January was Fahmi first day in kindergarten. I love the school environment, very cheerful, fresh & fun!It has to be that way so that it suits the image of being part of the GMI family.Fahmi was so excited, woke up early morning, no more pampers, alhamdulillah (only two days of toilet training, no need any toilet training pants at all), jimat mama..ehehe..

when we registered, we got 2 pairs of the school uniform. But I just bought some fabrics to make extra pants for him (jimat lagi, jahit sendiri..alhamdulillah)

one thing that I am proud of, Fahmi is always excited to go to school, hopefully until the end of the year. We paid almost RM1.2K for the registration. wohoo..

Not only Fahmi, mama was excited too!

Not only Fahmi, Mama, but Papa was even more excited!

On that first day, we saw some kids were crying and too clingy with their parents. The best part was, when we arrive after a while we 'salam2' with Fahmi and he said, 'pergi!pergilah' we were laughing.kureng ashemm Fahmi suh mama papa pergi yer..

But we didn't just go, we waited more than half an hour and we sneaked over him..taraaa...wat ape tuu??

Alhamdulillah, Fahmi can 'jaga diri' and be independent.

Mama & Papa always miss u dear good and take care..


Mila@Rimbun said...

hantar anak ke sekolah ni is another phase of life kan.. gembira n sedih.. baru sedar.. dah besar rupanya diorg

TinyTini said...

tu la akak..can't afford to miss that moment..huhu..oh ye, akak da dapat tak bungkusan fabric scrap haritu?

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