Wednesday, January 12, 2011


As usual, being me cannot do nothing if I am sick. I did this yesterday. I was mc yesterday due to fever+cold.I have a heavy ulcer and sore throat. So I managed to finish this one simple dress to my lil Tasnim and one sleeping pant for Fahmi. I used all Japanese cotton which I have to admit that I fell in love with Japanese cotton!Gonna use some more..

Fahmi was so happy with the ultraman pant. He could not wait to try and I managed to take his photo wearing it.

For Tasnim, I did put on her but she was not in a good mood, so cannot take any picture. If you notice, no button in front or at the back because I thought it could fit her head.huhu~~ but it couldn't! But I managed to do a button at the front. I did not follow any tutorial or pattern (eventhough I bought a pattern time to explore..ehehe..).

I just refer to a ready made dress including used the same measurement. I'll post the picture once Tasnim in a good mood to try on. But honestly, I felt so satisfy, so proud of myself (berangan & perasan la plak..ehehe) and that drove me aiming another available fabric for another dress!! good huh?

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