Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I was supposed to write this entry on Sunday but due to mood imbalance, I've postponed it until today. As you may aware I was handling the house chores, the kids and my husband who just had an emergency appendicitis operation before. On Saturday we went for his follow-up and we got his clinical test result. I saw the result but I didn't really understand the medical terms. But hubby said the consultant surgeon did brief him that he had a ruptured appendix. (3mm) alhamdulillah kecik je..

That night I could not sleep, started feeling the fever. On Sunday morning I woke up from my sleep disorder, my body temperature was quite high, 38.7oC. I could not puasa, went to clinic and got this & that including mc. So I stayed at home on Monday. I was exhausted. Maybe because of what had happened recently and i got stuck in the KTM Train on Friday, out from office at 5pm, arrived home 8++ pm..Alhamdulillah somebody gave me kurma to break my fast.

Anyway, I hope the train is ok because I wanna go home as soon as I could..huhu~~


Kak Aya said...

banyak dugaan untuk Tini di bulan Ramadhan ni....besar pahala di sebalik kesakitan semua tu.

semoga cepat sembuh...

TinyTini said...

alhamdulillah kak aya, tini da beransur pulih cuma batuk ni tak renti2 lagi..tq kak aya

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