Friday, August 12, 2011


Alhamdulillah, I am back in my office today after 4 days at home taking care of my husband. I was supposed to have an important meeting today that having me sitting here instead of home, but it was canceled.

Anyway, my husband is getting better alhamdulillah. I've prepared and cooked whatever necessary for him before coming to work today. I hope he will be fine, insyaAllah.

Being at home for the past few days, made me turned into a superwoman..haha..perasan! I had to do the house chores, managed the kids and their school matters. My hubby used to help me a lot before, almost everything we did it together including sewing & cooking. But after what had happened, I felt like my house chores were doubled up. Alhamdulillah for the test, we are tested because He knows that we can go thru it. Alhamdulillah..

There are a lot of hikmah after what had happened recently, my constipation & piles and also my husband's emergency operation. Due to these, I lost my weight 1.5 kg within that 4 days at home, and also it's Ramadhan, I've lost weight altogether 3.5kg during 10days of Ramadhan. But losing weight was not the ultimate, the most important thing is, I've become a more strong person, His servant, wife, mom. I've learnt to always be thankful to Allah for the health, I've learnt to choose good food and appreciate of the good health. Alhamdulillah. Apart of that, I also managed to bake some biskut raya..hihi..time hubby rest tu I took the chance to godek2 my microwave oven..alhamdulillah, siap 3 balang biskut..semperit je pun..(first time buat.. alhamdulillah it turned out well)

So friends, everything happens for a reason..

Kita merancang, Allah juga merancang..tetapi perancangan Allah itulah yang terbaik...


UNI said...

sy doakan yg baik2 utk akak sekeluarga insya-Allah...

Kak Aya said...

wah hebatnya Tini!

dah lah jadi supermak, turun sampai 3.5kg pulak tu, dah siap buat kuih raya lagi tu...caiyok caiyok

TinyTini said...

uni:thanks dear for your du'aa

kak aya: haha, time mood rajin melanda..pastu jaga orang sakit yg takbnyk karenah, senang keje tini..lagipun orang sakit takduk diam, tolong lipat kain la.degil..

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