Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Accidentally bumped into this old photo in my laptop. I was wondering about this susun since I was little and when my mom introduce baju kurung to me. If we buy a ready made one, the susun is already on our left side but as for me, my mom used to sew baju kurung for me & my sisters and the susun were on the right. Until now I feel so comfortable with the right susun instead of left. And I made the same for my daughter, Tasnim.

The picture below was when I was in Arizona. We were supposed to have an iftar at an Egyptian Sister's house. My friend in Black Abaya is Jessica Lopez, an American muslim. She was so surprised that we had that little trick in our kain baju kurung. haha..the other friend, Kak Teh, used to be my roomate and she's the best roomate that I ever had. Ahh, really miss them..


Kak Aya said...

kak aya pakai baju kurung , susun mesti sebelah kiri..kalau letak sebelah kanan rasa berat dan macam kena jalan menyenget je.

TinyTini said...

ehehe..tini sbb dari kecik da biasa kanan..

SweetsNinja said...

Kak tini, this picture brings back memories! And whenever i made my baju kurung i think i just don't have the pleats right... they are too small so they become very hard to iron!!! inshaAllah i will learn :-) I hope you are doing well, tini thanks for the reminder. a picture is worth a thousand words.

TinyTini said...

sazi, i feel so amaze when you that much patience of sewing baju kurung. good job dear!

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